Fate/Zero Episode 5

Like a boss, Rider follows up his incredible entrance by offering to allow Lancer and Saber to become his allies if they forfeit the Grail. Naturally, both of them refuse. Lancer’s Master reveals himself, recognizing Waver and realizing that he was the one who stole the relic to summon Rider. Waver cowers, but Rider comes to his defense.

Rider calls out to the ones hiding in the darkness, and Gilgamesh reveals himself. Gilgamesh immediately reveals his Noble Phantasm, and the others recognize him. However, he is interrupted by the appearance of Berserker, who reveals a strange ability to hide his abilities from the Masters.

Gilgamesh turns his attack on Berserker, but it has no effect (my jaw dropped at this scene). Gilgamesh tries to continue to use his attack, but Tokiomi uses a command seal to force him to retreat. Berserker then goes…berserk, and shows that his Noble Phantasm allows him to turn objects that he’s holding into Noble Phantasm.

Saber is almost hit, but Lancer stops the attack. Lancer’s Master chides him for this, but Lancer wishes to defeat Saber honorably. However, Lancer’s Master uses a command seal to force Lancer to work with Berserker. Saber begs Iris to leave, but she refuses, believing in Kiritsugu.

Kiritsugu tries to snipe Lancer’s Master to save Saber, but Rider intervenes, attacking Berserker and forcing Lancer and his Master to withdraw (like a freaking boss). The big engagement finally ends, and everyone goes their separate ways. Meanwhile, Caster resolves to pursue Saber (and I don’t mean in battle), having watched the battle from the shadows.

Wow…that episode was pretty epic. Rider really showed himself off as the King of Conquerors alright, refusing the cheap win and brazenly revealing himself. Berserker definitely looks cool, but I’m assuming he’ll go down because of Kariya. I can’t believe command seals have already been used. Things have gotten pretty serious. More fights! Looking forward to it.

16 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 5”

  1. Rider sure loves the spotlight. Every time someone tried to do something this episode Rider jumped in and changed the outcomes. That’s probably the reason he is a king after all.


  2. Berserker the coolest servant ever!
    I really like this episode. Gilgamesh looks like a noob in this episode.
    I know he wasn’t serious. But I wish that Gilgamesh could be weaker. πŸ™‚


  3. Good review. Rider indeed is the Boss of Kings!

    On a serious note, I think that the Seals of Command will play a big role in this series. I would like to see a few masters run out of their seals, and the aftermath of that.


  4. Hi there bro, just want to ask, from which subber did you download your Fate/Zero episodes from because they look stunning! The ones I downloaded from UTW are all meh (with pixels here and there some more). Can you please give me the URL? Thanks bro and keep em Fate/Zero posts coming~ =D


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