C Cube Episode 5

Been looking forward this episode. Fear has joined the battle! Konoha is naturally surprised, and she is even more surprised when Fear tells Konoha and Haruaki to destroy her if she ever goes nuts. Of course, Haruaki and Konoha both refuse. They all hide to try and recover, but Peavey kidnaps Kirika and uses her as a hostage.

Fear comes out to save Kirika, but Peavey starts to taunt her, revealing her past with the Waas. Fear is still determined, but Peavey turns around and cuts Kirika. Fear struggles to keep her sanity and manages to keep it, releasing Haruaki from her device at the right moment to allow him to land a finishing counter on Peavey.

Haruaki goes to tend to Kirika, but Peavey reveals a hidden gun that she points at Haruaki. However, she is restrained by Kirika using a strange whip, allowing Fear to finish Peavey off. Kirika reveals her weapon and also pulls what she calls an Indulgence Disk from Peavey’s axe to give to Fear.

The next day, Kirika tells everyone about her Waas, called Gimestorante’s Love, which protects the wearer from any external injury. However, she will die if she takes it off. Kirika reveals that she was the one that gave away Mummy Maker’s peace offering and subsequently caused her death. She also reveals that she was the one that was in Haruaki’s room in the night, wanting to protect him.

Konoha is still suspicious about Kirika’s motives, but Kirika assures her that she only wishes to help. However, Kirika also explains that she is part of an organization, separate from the Knights that Peavey represented, that researches the Waas called Yamimagari Pakuaki’s Laboratory Kingdom. Kirika reveals that this organization is run by none other than her brother. Later, Haruaki inserts the Indulgence Disk into Fear, and she becomes unable to use one of her techniques, leading her to believe that the disks will remove her curse.

I seriously hope that’s the last of Peavey…she’s annoying. I figured Kirika would have a secret like this, but it was still pretty cool. I still like this show, but I’m curious where it’ll go from here. Quest for the disks? Battle against both organizations? Well, I’m sure ready to find out.

5 thoughts on “C Cube Episode 5”

  1. Kirka will most likely just be a strategic fighter, not a regular player. And I personally hope to see a battle between the organizations, probably be over Fear and her power, but it can be resolved if she gets all the Indulgence Discs and removes her curse.


  2. It seems like if Fear collects these Indulgence Discs that fighting will become harder and harder for her as the series progresses.
    I also hope Peavey is gone for good. We need a new more threatening villian.


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