Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 1

Alright, I really didn’t know what to expect from this show, except that it was Sunrise. First off, the opening theme sounded good, and it showed scenes with mechas fighting as well as just people fighting. So, we start off at a school of some sort, but it’s a futuristic kind of school. A teacher is starting a training exercise with a group of students, and they are charged with getting “attack points” on her before she is able to reach her destination. The teacher mentions Toori Aoi, the Section Representative, who is not at the class and describes him as useless despite his position. We sort of get an idea of the individual abilities of the students as they work together to try to beat their teacher (it’s really hard to keep track, though…I’m assuming they’ll each be the focus of future episodes or such). None of the students manage to get a hit on the instructor before she reaches her goal. At the goal, they find a Magician Demon (whatever that is), which attacks the instructor. She easily dispatches it, though. At that point, Toori, the Section Representative shows up with an eroge (…what?). He offers to let her play it, which pisses her off, and then gropes her (>.> what’s going on?). He goes on about confessing and some Horizon…yeah…I didn’t quite follow it. This show looks interesting…for some reason.

One thought on “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 1”

  1. This show made no sense to me whatsoever. Everytime someone said something my understanding of what the hell was going on seemed to diminish. At the end there was a a narrator who took my confusion and multiplied it. Honestly the most confusing first episode I have ever watched.


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