Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 1

Right into the action, this episode starts off with a battle, where the students of Kawakami Academy battle each other. This battle, the Battle of Kawakami pits Class S versus Class F, the highest ranked against the lowest ranked classes. It seems like Class F has an advantage, as many of the students are introduced. Due to fail tactics from the commander of Class S, he is ambushed and surrounded by Class F. He’s able to escape, though, due to the arrival of two strange women. With that, Class F’s main camp is attacked and their own commander is almost captured. However, another Class F student appears and takes out all of the attackers. Things start looking bad for Class S, but then Kawakami Momoyo appears, the one given the title of the best soldier. To face her comes KuKi Ageha, who joins with Mayu, the swordsman from earlier, to face Momoyo. When they aren’t quite enough, Matsunaga Tsubame arrives to help as well. The three face off against Momoyo, while the rest of Class F tries to end the battle, but are short due to the loss of the unit wiped out by the mysterious pair of women. Yamato, the brains of the Class F operation, chooses to enter the battlefield, enlisting the help of a robot. He is knocked out, however, before reaching the commander. The battle ends with the defeat of the Class S commander just before Momoyo is able to finish off her three opponents. So, with this episode, the background has been set, but I don’t see direction of the story yet. Is it just going to be random episodes of life? Or will there be some big opponent? I can only assume with the battle style of the show. Also…was that incest during the credits? O.o

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