Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 11

Finally got a working copy of this episode…that’s actually HD. Anyways, we start this week’s episode off with Kanba showing up at Natsume’s house. Natsume starts going about love, but Kanba cuts her off and tries to make her return Ringo’s diary. However, Natsume refuses, revealing to him that she needs it for Mario, a boy with a penguin hat like Himari’s. After Kanba leaves, Natsume reveals on the phone to her mystery contact that she only has half of the diary. Meanwhile, Shoma scolds Ringo for giving up the diary so easily, which prompts Ringo to start attacking him for his insensitivity. However, Ringo tells Shoma that she still intends to continue with Project M using the memories she has of what was written in the diary. She tries using another frog, creating a drink that will supposedly cause Tabuki to fall in love with her. The next day, Tabuki drinks it and it seems to work. However, as the two are lying together in bed, Ringo starts to cry and finds herself unable to sleep with Tabuki, but Tabuki starts go crazy. At that moment, Yuri returns and hears Tabuki’s crazed proclamations of love for Ringo. Ringo asks her to break up with Tabuki, and she agrees, but asks if it will truly make Ringo happy. She asks Ringo if she actually wants to be with Tabuki, or if she loves Shoma instead. With that, Ringo returns home, but finds Shoma and Himari there waiting for her. Shoma gives her some food he cooked for her as an apology for his behavior earlier, but Ringo hits him again. At that moment, the penguin hat appears on Himari, and she tells Ringo to let out what’s bother her. So, she starts to tell the story of Momoka, who died when she was born. For this reason, she believed she was the reincarnation of Momoka. She then blames Shoma for ruining her fate, but he strangely agrees. He reveals that he and Kanba were also born on the day that Momoka died, and the episode ends with him saying that it was because of them that Momoka died. Well…my mind was just blown…I may need like a week to recover from that. Why is this show so awesome??

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