Mayo Chiki Episode 12

If you remember last week’s episode, it ended with Jirou being knocked out by Konoe, who is on the run. This week’s episode starts with Usami waking him up, having been called there by Kanade. Usami gives Jirou a ride and Jirou finds Konoe back at the spot where she “confessed” to him. Jirou is able to talk Konoe into returning, but she wants to stay away for at least that day, so they stay together at the inn. That night, Konoe asks if Jirou would want to do anything past kissing with her, which he of course interprets as meaning sleeping with him. Turns out she just meant literally sleeping with him…as in, next to him. The next day, Jirou arrives at school to find that Konoe has transferred to another school. However, a new transfer student arrives at the school, Takanashi Punyuru (you remember that name? yeah…it’s Konoe). After recovering from the initial shock from seeing her, Jirou asks Konoe -err, Punyuru to have lunch with him. At lunch, Konoe tells Jirou that her job as a butler was what supported her, now feeling lonely as a normal girl. Hearing this, Jirou decides to take matters into his own hands, going to the S4 to ask for their help. Together, everyone starts a petition to have Konoe stay a butler. We see a very touching scene where Konoe realizes how much everyone cares about her, and she returns the next day as a butler. That night, Konoe calls Jirou to meet her alone. Konoe thanks Jirou for helping her become a butler again (she’s dressed in female clothing), and kisses him. This week’s episode almost seemed to have the feel of a last episode, but there’s another one after it, so I wonder what will happen.

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