Dantalian no Shoka Episode 10

Kinda late…I know. But I wasn’t sure if anything would come out today, so I had to make sure I had something to post about (and I’m a bit lazy). Anyways, this week’s episode starts out with Huey playing the violin for Dalian (very poorly). A strange woman appears and asks to see the violin when Huey blames it for his poor sound. Just then, a man rushes on the scene, introducing the girl as Christabel (not gonna lie…it’s kind of an epic name). He then asks to see the violin himself, saying that it’s broken and then fixing it on the spot. He then gives it to Christabel, who plays a few cacophonous notes before playing a beautiful piece. A crowd then gathers, confirming her identity as Christabel Sistine. The man then introduces himself as Dallaglio Hayward, asking Huey’s permission to borrow the violin for a bit and running off. Later at the bookstore, the owner tells them that Christabel performed a piece of Guillermo Baldini, who was rumored to be able to sway his audience’s emotions with his music, similar to a narcotic. His works are also supposedly impossible to play, causing all who attempt to perform them to die. The owner calls the scores Phantom Scores. The two set off to see Christabel, but are unable to get into the concert hall, so they sneak in through a back alley. They follow Hayward, who they spot sneaking around, but they are ambushed and Huey is knocked out. He awakes to find Christabel, who is about to play Utopia, one of the Phantom Scores, with the accompaniment of a mechanical keyboard. She is interrupted by Hayward, who asks Huey and Dalian to help Christabel escape. However, he is interrupted by a Director Kendrick, revealed to be the one who tied up the two. Kendrick reveals that he has been using the song’s effects to convince people to do whatever he asks, including building the concert hall. He wishes to use the music to control the world (it’s like Lelouch’s Geass on drugs…uncool). Huey realizes that Christabel is a machine, but Hayward insists that she has her own will. However, Hayward is shot, and Kendrick leaves to avoid hearing the song himself. Hayward then reveals that he made Christabel in order to honor his father, who made music boxes. He frees Huey and Dalian before dying. However, Christabel doesn’t play Utopia, instead first playing a warning to escape and then playing Twilight, which is meant to be a more destructive piece. The concert hall is destroyed, but all of the audience members survive. Christabel is destroyed in the collapse, and Huey and Dalian realize that she truly did have a will of her own. A very interesting episode, but the premise didn’t feel as original as the other episodes. Also, we’re nearing the end of this series and the other man and Biblioprincess pairs haven’t come into play…this kind of annoys me. Oh well, we’ll see how it ends up.


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