Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Final Episode

Sigh…another show reaching it’s end. Keeping it simple, this week’s episode starts with Claude and Yune walking together in the Galerie. Back at the shop, Claude is still visibly bothered by what Oscar said about Yune leaving in the last episode. Yune takes a glove, but Claude suddenly becomes angry at her for touching it. Oscar explains to Yune that the glove used to be Jean’s glove. Later, Yune hears a bell and concludes that it must be the cat that another shop owner, Yannick, had mentioned earlier. Claude comes out to see that Yune has gone, chasing after her. After running into Alan, he becomes worried that she has run away from the Galerie. He runs into Alice, who of course berates him for not knowing where Yune is, but she joins him in the search. Claude goes to see Yannick, who tells him that Yune has passed by, and Claude sees Yune on the roof. Claude tells Yune that the cat that she is looking for has been missing for ten years, having run away when Yannick put the bell on it. Just then, a strong wind blows, and Yune falls off. The glass below her starts to crack, and Claude is reminded of his father’s death, seeing an image of him falling. Claude is able to reach Yune, though, and pulls her back up. Yune apologizes again for the glove incident, but Claude tells her they weren’t that important. But Yune tells him that she has noticed that he treasures them. Claude then promises to take Yune to Grand Magasin, revealing that the reason he forbade it before was because it was where his father died. Claude then tells Yune that it would be enough for him if Yune just lives in peace, which was super cute, and Cluade carries Yune back due to her lost shoes (oh those two…I guess they couldn’t exactly kiss, so this works). The series ends with Yune returning to see everyone had come out to search for her, realizing that she’s become part of the Galerie’s family. Well, another one’s done. A review of this will probably pop up some time soon (I’ve got a lot on my plate now that stuff is ending). This series was pretty cute (if a tad predictable at times). I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Yuru Yuri ends later today…look forward to it!

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