Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 5

When we last left off, Himea had just evolved into horny Himea (happens all the time). She introduces herself as Rapture and that she is one of Himea’s spells. Meanwhile, Gekkou is conversing with what seems to be the two voices that were talking with Haruka in the last episode. They show him a vision of the school, which prompts Mirai to attack, but the attack is repelled and she gets owned. The voices reveal themselves to be Seraphim and tell Gekkou about a prophecy. Meanwhile, the Rapture spell is making her move on Taito. Taito demands that she allow Himea to return, but she refuses, revealing that Himea had been jealous of Haruka. The Seraphim are telling Gekkou that they will give him the power to kill Himea, but Gekkou refuses to do it. However, they predict that he will return to ask for the power. Gekkou realizes that they are only using him because they are unable to do so, so he accepts their deal. Taito tries to talk to Himea again and make her regain control. Himea is able to talk to Taito, but the program goes crazy. Taito rejects the program, and Himea finally regains control. The two kiss, which is witnessed by Gekkou and Mirai, who have just returned. Himea realizes that Gekkou has made a deal with the Seraphim and tries to attack, but Gekkou is faster than her. He asks her if she knows about Ramiel Lilith (the name the Seraphim kept using). When she says no, he withdraws, revealing that the deal he had made was for the Seraphim not to bother them all. The episode ends with Haruka running into Hinata. So…everyone who was completely confused by this episode, raise your hand.

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