Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 6

After the events of the last episode, Takenaka starts training with the girls. Saki realizes that Subaru is the reason for this change and asks him about it. Subaru explains the events of the previous night to her. Saki later confronts Takenaka with this info and forces him to apologize to Maho. After practice, Subaru suggests that they make okonomiyaki, which triggers a perfectionist cook in Saki. Tomoka reveals that Saki’s father owns an okonomiyaki shop, which is why she becomes so…enthusiastic (cough obsessive). After dinner, Takenaka and Hinata disappear (interesting). The rest of the group head to the village shrine to look for them, with Maho carrying excessive numbers of flashlights to compensate for her fear of the dark. As they’re walking, they randomly find Hinata’s panties on the ground (which Subaru picks up, of course). They eventually find Takenaka teaching Hinata about proper shooting technique using a makeshift basketball hoop. Later that night, Takenaka finds the panties that Subaru picked up (Subaru left them lying around while he was bathing) and runs off with them (lol). After everyone is asleep, Subaru wakes up Takenaka to begin a secret mission: return the panties. As they are trying to put them in Hinata’s bag, Maho shouts Subaru’s name in her sleep, which causes him to bump the shelf with all the futons, which fall over on him. Takenaka runs off (epic lol) as the girls turn the lights back on. They don’t see Subaru under the futons, so he hides in Tomoka’s bed (which she allows…lol). He’s able to escape and returns to his room. There, Takenaka tells him that the basketball tournament doesn’t allow substitutions during the game except for injuries. Also, he asks Subaru not to drop Hinata. Subaru doesn’t want to drop any of them, so Takenaka chooses to leave the team (little predictable). Because Subaru isn’t allowed to be at the tournament, he names Takenaka as the coach. However, Mihoshi forces him to hide in a vaulting box on the sideline. The girls win, but Subaru’s box is put back into the gym’s store room. The girls come in, which relieves Subaru, but then they start to change (O.o). As Subaru watches helplessly, one of the girls notices him and Airi comes over to reveal him. Sigh…this episode…that is all.

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