Fruits Basket Episode 13: A slithery snake

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Tohru finds some clothes

This week’s episode seems to go back to the quest of introducing the zodiac animals by throwing in Yuuki’s brother, Ayame. Despite having a personality I have trouble with, I actually liked Ayame as a character. I hope my sibling bias isn’t showing too hard here. Either way, the episode was a fun break to introduce a new character. With the introduction of Akito in the previous episode, it seems like the series is moving towards slowly opening up Yuuki’s past.

Yuuki presents an offering

As a side note, I think it’s hilarious that Tohru has met enough of the Soumas to conclude that a pile of clothes on the ground could mean that someone accidentally transformed. That aside,I find to Ayame to be a fairly relatable character. Sometimes, it’s fun to mess with overly serious siblings, isn’t it?

Ayame just wants to be helpful

Ayame’s own insecurities also feel very reasonable. Having the responsibility of being the older child is often difficult, and it certainly doesn’t help that he feels like he wasn’t able to help Yuuki when he truly needed it. It’s easy to lose yourself into thinking that anything you might try now won’t be enough. That being said, I respect that Ayame seems to be taking steps…entertaining as they may be.

Ayame wants your lust

I also wonder if Yuuki’s past involves any sort of undue pressure from Ayame’s own performance. It’s clear to us as the audience that Ayame wasn’t taken the job of student council president all too seriously, but it’s certainly something that can be used as a point of comparison for siblings.

Yuuki recognizes the effort of his brother

I’m curious whether this was meant to be a point of development for Yuuki. It’s perfectly reasonable for him to look for what he lacks in his brother, so it would make sense if he already thought this way. However, I do like the idea of Tohru helping to bridge the gap between the two.

Yuuki thanks Haru

Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

5 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Episode 13: A slithery snake”

  1. As the eldest child… I find Ayame kinda relatable. (Though I was the black sheep rather than the example.)

    I also found it funny that Tohru immediately knew what a random pile of clothes meant.

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  2. I love Ayame so much, like SO much. My brother struggled with that a lot as being the eldest of his family and have responsibilities fall on him constantly. Like Ayame he also tried to reconcile when he was older and could process himself as an individual apart from whom he was “supposed” to be.

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