Fruits Basket Episode 11: Obligatory hot springs episode

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The waves are too strong

I can’t tell if this is forward progress or not, but the series is still a lot of fun to watch. I like how this series is mostly attempting to explore Tohru as a character indirectly through the other characters. It gives other characters solid moments of their own while also supporting the protagonist. As a result, I think the series does a better job of selling the idea that the story revolves around her.

Shigure finds out about Tohru's money troubles

The episode starts out by focusing on Tohru’s money troubles, as the boys realize that her desire to give them chocolates for Valentine’s Day has caused her financial strife. This scene does a good job of going into Tohru’s excessive selflessness. In a situation where she’s clearly the worst off in the group, she’s still attempting to put her interests at the bottom. It kind of goes into that idea of whether you could do more good if you made sure you were successful enough to continue doing good, which is interesting

The traveler's story is told

To really drive this point, the episode also presents a creepy, Grimm-like tale about a girl swindled out of everything as others take advantage of her kindness. It’s clearly meant to parallel with Tohru, but it ends with a different interpretation from Momiji. Rather than disparage the traveler like his classmates, he seems to respect her. My guess is that the story gets at the idea that the girl lived a short life, but she was always happy about it. If she died happy, how bad was her life?

Kyo is berated by the proprietress

Well, this is somewhat absurd, but I think an over-the-top character works here. She certainly does a good job of keeping Kyo in check.

Yuuki laughs at Tohru

Yuuki’s scene here is probably my favorite scene in the episode. Sure, he finally makes his move, but I liked that he was willing to show his playful side to Tohru. It’s an endearing moment as he seems to become a bit more trusting overall.

Please come again

This series has the best screenshots. I’m curious where we’re headed in the next episode. There have been rumors of a long run time, but the opening for the series calls it “Season 1”. That could mean that the airing schedule is spread out with gaps after the seasons. Is that too pessimistic of me?

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