Golden Kamuy Episode 23: Closing in on Nopperabu

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Shiraishi and Sugimoto are in a tight spot

This week’s episode was definitely full of action with the full-on war-like scenario, but what surprised me the most was how much it managed to make me laugh despite that. It’s probably the best part about this series as a whole. As we get close to the end, it’s starting to look like all of the pieces of the Nopperabo mystery are lining up, but I don’t feel like I have any definitive answers yet. Hopefully, that changes soon.

Tsurumi knows his plan will work

It’s cool to see that Tsurumi has thought things through, but his bloody approach still seems pretty insane.

Ushiyama saves Tanigaki and Inkarmat

I really liked this Ushiyama death fake-out even if it has been done before. The way Ushiyama delivers this line is so perfect that you almost believe he’s ready to die.

Sugimoto threatens to kill the dying Nopperabo fake

Sugimoto’s antics with the fake Nopperabo were also pretty hilarious in this episode. My favorite part is when the fake yells while pointing at the fire in the room, which makes Sugimoto and Shiraishi yell in the same way when they see it.

The battle rages on

Oh, the joys of seeing multiple screenshots to depict a large-scale battle. I actually liked the fights in the first half of the episode, so this is disappointing to see.

Kiroranke offers to help Sugimoto

Wow, Kiroranke had plenty of opportunities to betray people in this episode and get away with it, but he seems to tell the truth in every case. Is he really on the main characters’ side?

Sugimoto runs into Nopperabu

Well, that’s awkward.

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