Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Episode 7: Tournament start

[Commie] Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle - 07 [82094836].mkv_snapshot_14.05_[2014.11.20_06.59.39]

Lots of scheming going on this week…looks like Hartgen is linked to a Chaika (likely the two Chaikas hanging around him are her clones or something) that wishes to see the other Chaikas fight each other (and possibly against her as well). Meanwhile, Hartgen just wants to restart the war that he helped end…typical soldier mentality of “I can only fight”. Also, the saboteur who trained Tooru finally appears to him…wasn’t he introduced last season? Barely remembered him…

I’m curious why only the Red Chaika has been captured so far. Was she further ahead in the tournament or was she just easy to capture at that point because she arrived at the checkpoint alone? I’m assuming since the preview makes it sound like White Chaika is spending all of next episode looking behind her back that she will be the last to be captured. Either way, it feels like the showing is building up to a final battle…maybe there will be a resolution this time.

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