Buddy Complex Episode 6: Demoted to cameraman

[Commie] Buddy Complex - 06 [4EAFB976].mkv_snapshot_08.01_[2014.02.12_06.18.59]

So it wasn’t a totally new pair like I suspected last week, so we’re stuck with Dio and Aoba. It looks like Aoba has a natural talent for coupling with others, whatever that means. Looks like we have some new characters. A new enemy who believes he has found the secret to beating the Coupling System and a new ally, Fromm, to troll Dio and distract all female members of the crew. I wish they’d go more into what coupling really is…it looks like people actually have to train in order to pair with others, so it’s not just an innate thing.

Anyway, it looks like the new enemy (hereby dubbed midboss) will be returning next week to show off what he’s learned this week. His strategy this week seemed fairly effective, so we’ll see what kind of success he has. I dunno…for some reason, I suspected Fromm of being a traitor, but that doesn’t seem quite as likely if he’s joining the crew. No clues from the episode title next week, unfortunately. I’m kinda in the dark.

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