Danganronpa Episode 7: Celes is so bipolar…


Hmm…so it was Celes after all. I didn’t consider the possibility that Yamada was faking the first time. That totally eliminated the need for her alibi. Yeah, it’s always the first person who was attacked…way too suspicious that she didn’t die. And there was no way it could be the fortuneteller…especially after they found him in the robot.

I didn’t notice the blood on the glasses…that was my mistake. Anyway, that’s another one down. As for Kirigiri, I’m inclined to trust her, but what was that last scene in this episode? Am I supposed to conclude that Sakura is Monokuma’s accomplice? It makes no sense that Kirigiri would do it…why would she empty the secret room of the books right after telling Naegi to find them? And I still haven’t forgotten what Yamada said before dying about them all knowing each other before this murder game…that’s still suspicious.

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