Devil Survivor 2 Final Episode: Wait…they can fuse demons?


Ah yes…it was saving Yamato after all. I was not expecting Hibiki to be so emotional when he confirmed that Yamato remembered everything. It was a little creepy. I’m pretty sure this was Daichi’s ending in the game…anyone else think it’s funny that he gets absolutely no credit for it in the anime? Forever useless.

I dunno…that only part I really liked about this last episode was the epilogue…showed a lot of stuff from the game that was nice, like Airi’s pianist dream and Joe with his girlfriend. Still not a big fan of big resurrections. They didn’t even get to fight Polaris…he gets to remain as a mysterious god figure…as opposed to the menacing final boss he is in the game. Oh well…

8 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2 Final Episode: Wait…they can fuse demons?”

      1. i beat him all too easy marth…and beside compare to some other smt final bosses,this one surely pale in comparison…


  1. well plot holes galore in this episode. Lol troll. At least this is over with. On to the summer series. Geass and Monogatari W00t!


      1. Words cannot describe how ready my body is. A lot of potential in this summer season. Surprised you havent reviewed it.


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