Rinne no Lagrange Episode 16

Well, I figured Dizelmine wouldn’t take Yurikano to the conference, but I never factored in the possibility that she would go herself. So we get to find out more about her. They confirm that she isn’t a clone, but she isn’t her normal self. Apparently, she has reverted back to a younger form of herself (mentally). She also has no recollection of meeting Madoka, so the spirit idea I had last week is definitely looking good. But I guess we still don’t know why she’s become like this. But I do know this…Muginami is soooooo jealous.

But I guess Muginami, Lan, and Madoka are randomly going to Le Garite? Makes sense. They have to follow Yurikano, after all. I wonder who Madoka is slapping in the preview…the real Yurikano or the ditzy Yurikano? I’m guessing the real one, but you never know. Also, what’s up with this new Ovid that Villagiulio is standing by? It reminded me of a scene from…every Gundam show. What’s so special about this Ovid that makes it important to him?

8 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Episode 16”

  1. I speculate its the real Yurikano, but as you said we don’t have much to say about who she is.

    Villagiulio is likely trying to create a big bad Ovid to defeat the Vox should they fall in bad hands…I wonder if that’ll be enough…:|


    1. They seem to make it pretty obvious that it’s the real Yurikano, which is why I’m suspicious -.-

      I wonder what kind of feature it’s sporting that makes it special, though…mecha shows don’t usually go with “it’s bigger”


      1. You are ALWAYS suspicious…:D

        He likely investigated Vox enough to have created an Ovid that can reproduce a smaller scale of the same Rinne process we saw with Yurikano (destroying a planet). Without such a power, it would be useless anyway…:|


        1. hey…those two girls at the cafe are definitely spies…I dunno what you’re talking about

          He wants to re-create the same phenomenon? Not even Muginami or Lan can do that…


          1. yeah, just like all the people around the three brothers during that scene with Yurikano…:|

            he is a bit “arrogant”, so I wouldn’t exclude that his purpose is to create a controlled Rinne process to use against his enemies…:|


          2. of course…you saw how the brothers got restrained so quickly when they tried to talk with Yurikano…totally suspicious

            …the Rinne blaster? Now with extra photons?


          3. Yeah, so many spies in these recent series, its scary…>_<

            Ahahah, sounds awesome isn't it? "One shot and a planet goes away…" will be the motto. 😀


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