Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 11

Picking up from last week, Miku is trying to evacuate everyone from the school during the Noise attack. Ogawa tries to tell Genjurou the true identity of Kadingir, but Fine arrives to interrupt him. Ogawa reveals that the elevator shaft to the base is the actual Kadingir, and the only one who could create it is Ryouko/Fine.

Genjurou arrives to face off against Ryouko, beating the crap out of her, but she is able to stab him by acting innocent for a second. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris arrive to face Ryouko as she activates Kadingir, planning to shoot the Moon. Chris uses a missile to launch herself above the cannon, then uses her swan song to block the shot so that only part of the Moon is damaged.

So…if Chris dies, this show is uncool. I may actually rage. Still, I can sorta understand why they did it. With two episodes left, they need something to happen. And I assume that her sacrifice will cause Hibiki to fly into a rage and go feral again…maybe even force everyone to fight her, leading to her eventual death as predicted in the first episode. On another note, I figured there was more to Ryouko than simply being evil. Although Ryouko was evil during the course of the series, she was taken over by Fine, not evil all along. Also, I never noticed it until all three of the girls sang, but their songs sound like continuations of each other. I dunno whether that’s intentional, but it’s still cool. Let’s see how my predictions hold up next week.

2 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 11”

  1. oh boy when i saw cat out of the bag yea really so much quote travis touchdown “i’m going to need SHOCK treatment to get over this one!”

    so fine launch full attack on school while miku trying to get everyone to safety.
    here noise oh Tsubasa’s sidekick just arrive to rescue miku.
    get to elevator here come fine & shooting the doobi oh no bad idea.
    here genjuro vs fine genjuro doing well til ryoko voice appear in fine’s mouth.
    ow on genjuro’s guts but he ok & all comp are down.
    hibiki, tsubasa, & chris arrive see ryoko but she is also fine.
    to reveal it all FINE IS SPLIT PERSONALITY/SPIRIT THAT HAS CONTROL POSSESSED ryoko like over long time 12yrs ago.
    & reason she free due to tsubasa’s singing on ancient stuff (so yea blame on it tsubasa).
    yet main plan is bring tower to appear as a cannon to BLOW UP THE MOON!!!
    so yea all 3 vs fine while other watch.
    cannon on ready to fire & yet chris went all the way aka swan’s song.
    stop the blast, save the moon give small piece was hit, & going down.

    oh boy got wonder hmm 50/50 for if chris to survive give recall tsubasa survive her swan song?

    & yea hibiki look like going to snap.


  2. Genjurou was badass as usual. Why would he react to her Ryouko side. I stopped caring for her when she was found out to be Fine.

    Fine’s not exactly evil. What she is doing is “helping” humanity probably for her own selfish reasons. Sure it’ll ruin the oceans, but if that’s the cost to wake up, it might just be worth it.

    Hibiki is going to go berserk next episode, it’s been so many episodes since last time.


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