Chihayafuru Episode 23

After Chihaya’s loss last week, she goes into a state of depression for a while. Meanwhile, Harada challenges Sudo to protect Chihaya’s hair and beats him. In the end, though, Harada is unable to make it to the finals, but Yumi wins on the Queen side. Arata also fails to win the West Qualifier. Yumi manages to win the Queen qualifier, but the West Qualifier wins on the Master side.

Poor Taichi…so obviously in love and so obviously jealous of people asking Chihaya out. It even looks like he’ll lose to Arata. I had assumed that this show was a typical show about a game like Hikaru no Go was because it allows for more seasons. However, what if it’s simply a romance? With Arata, Taichi, and Chihaya all knocked out, what if it’s simply a love story for Chihaya with karuta as the medium? If so, the end of this season may be a true end. It certainly makes me curious…I wonder how it will turn out. Two episodes isn’t enough for another buildup to a major tournament, is it? There has to be something.

One thought on “Chihayafuru Episode 23”

  1. Well, given that they showed Christmas eve, and the Meijin/Queen match is in January, I think they will show that. At least I HOPE they do, because I want to see Shinobu stomp all over the “previous Queen”.


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