Nisemonogatari Episode 4

So after the cliffhanger from last week, Koyomi meets up with Tsubasa and his sisters, but they refuse to tell him what happened. He then talks with Tsubasa alone, who tells him that the charms that Karen and Tsukihi are looking for are cursing people. Although Tsubasa was unable to see the culprit, but Karen and Tsukihi identified him as Kaiki Deishuu.

Afterwards, Koyomi has a conversation with Shinobu of all people, who suddenly has become chatty. Shinobu ends up taking Oshino’s job, telling Koyomi that Karen is being plagued by a wreathe-fire bee, which has caused her to run a fever. Shinobu then brings up the dilemma of Koyomi’s lifespan, which may have been lengthened significantly from becoming a vampire, but Koyomi seems unfazed.

Note to self: do not piss off Tsukihi. Also, Tsubasa without glasses and long hair was almost impossible to recognize. Looks like the story is finally ramping up, with Karen in trouble and Shinobu to act as Oshino, guiding Koyomi to the solution. Still, we don’t know how this bee stung Karen and we don’t know how this Kaiki guy is involved.

Interesting to see Shinobu talk after so long. I certainly wasn’t expecting the vibrant personality that she presented. I guess if Kizumonogatari had come out first, I’d have known more. I think there shouldn’t be any more characters to introduce, so it’s smooth sailing from here.

10 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari Episode 4”

  1. Agreed — neither of us was expecting this. However, the author stayed true to a 500 year old character where Shinobu offers death as a solution to Koyomi’s and her predicament.

    The wisdom of pessimism becomes obvious only after a long life — or lives — of much pointless suffering, and I’m sure Shinobu has had her lot.


      1. It’s a cliche when it comes to immortal characters in fiction, that they must suffer the brief lifespan of their families/friends/beloved. But that’s probably due to the wisdom of suffering — a life lived long past one’s time is enough to justify suicide.


  2. i suspect that the story will restart now after all the long winded conversation. I’m looking forward to some action and plot.

    It seems like Kizemonogatari should already be out, it probably explains why shinobu talks so much this episode.


  3. It’s good to see the plot has picked back up. I’m not as crazy about the prolonged bath scene as some people seem to be, but it was good to see Shinobu get some screentime.


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