Inu x Boku SS Episode 2

So this week’s episode takes a similar pattern to last week. The first half is fairly light, with Soushi, Ririchiyo, and Renshou going shopping together. Also, more antics from Soushi with his super-devotion to Ririchiyo. Ririchiyo ends up getting her first cell phone (lol). When they get back, they find out that Karuta has gone missing, so they go out to look for her.

While they’re searching, Ririchiyo triggers a Nurikabe, which essentially traps her in a dark sort of prison until morning. However, she remembers what Soushi said about being suffering when he’s away from her and chooses to activate her true powers to try and break out. Soushi also attacks the wall at the same time and they break it apart. They return home to find that Karuta was just looking for a chicken for the surprise party for Ririchiyo.

So light-hearted stuff in the beginning and demon action in the end. Let’s hope it doesn’t follow this pattern all the time because it might get boring. We still have no idea why Soushi’s so zealous, but it was nice to see Ririchiyo’s powers this week. So yeah…I don’t really know where this show is going yet. Is it supposed to just be funny or is there something that Ririchiyo is supposed to do?

One thought on “Inu x Boku SS Episode 2”

  1. I know where this show is heading. If you don’t really know where it is going then give this anime a week or two. I don’t wanna spoil you but if you really want to know let me know ^^

    I’ve very excited about the show now. Since I know where the anime is heading, this anime could probably be one of the best this season for me.


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