Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 11

Anyone else catch this? I know I did!!
Summer festival episode! Also, Oreimo crossover (O.o), even if it was just for a scene. Before they get to the festival, Kodaka and Kobato end up getting yukata for the event (they are unable to convince Yozora). Kodaka also tells Sena why he doesn’t dye his hair (it’s a link with his deceased mother).

At the actual festival, Kodaka goes nuts with his takoyaki senses, but everyone else has already had their fill. Yozora and Sena also get super competitive with the festival games. They end the event with (everyone guess with me) fireworks!

The final firework ends up setting Yozora’s hair on fire, and she leaves after Kodaka manages to put it out. Kodaka doesn’t see Yozora anymore until school starts, but she returns with her hair cut short. But upon seeing that, Kodaka remembers that Yozora is his childhood friend Sora.

So yeah…we kinda figured out that it was actually Yozora and it’s about time Kodaka saw it. One more episode left…this sort of lead-in seriously suggests something between Kodaka and Yozora to finish it off. I was wondering whether we’d see short-hair Yozora, but I guess she’s arrived at the last minute. Entertaining good fun as usual…even if this week’s episode was a tad cliche.

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