Yagate Kimi ni Naru Review: Some consistent, relaxing romance

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Yuu is upset

I’ll be honest. I didn’t talk too much about this series as it was airing because it felt pretty low-key to me. It’s not a show that goes to great lengths to be flashy, despite the insane attention to visual details in the animation itself. However, it is a show that has a clear character dynamic that it executes well. The main character, Yuu Koito, is a girl searching to understand the feeling of love. She meets Toukko Nanami, who seems to share her plight, but Touko instead falls for Yuu and confess to her.

Yuu doesn't fall in love

A large part of why I thought the show was a pleasant viewing experience is the fact that it doesn’t shove its yuri component in my face. While it’s certainly a factor in Yuu and Touko’s relationship, there’s no constant reminder of how forbidden or taboo the love is (as you might see in a show like Citrus). While it’s probably true that the relationship between the two girls would cause uproar if it was made public, it wasn’t a constant source of drama driving events forward.

Yuu feels nothing

Yuu, as a character, was surprisingly relatable for me. While she shows the empathy of a kind person, she approaches her feelings with a sense of rationality that can hold her back. As the series progresses, we see her start to take more chances to learn more about herself and the love she’s trying to find.

Touko knows what she wants

On the other side, Touko isn’t such a simple character herself. While she gives off the initial appearance of the typical model student, we learn that there’s more to that personality as she opens up to Yuu. It becomes a bigger decision point for her, as she also tries to discover who she really is, rather who she believes she is.

The stage play won't be easy

Unfortunately, the story is forced to stop at a bit of a weird point, given its relatively slow pacing and the unfortunate consequence of being an adaptation. It’s sad to see so much time devoted to setting up the all-important student council stage play only to have series end before it can be resolved. It’s not really fair of me point it out, but it did leave me wanting more. Maybe I should just read the manga, right?

Don't say you hate things Yuu likes

I’d love to go more in detail about the visual appeal of the series, but I’m, as always, woefully underqualified to do so. I will say, though, that it doesn’t take too much training to notice how much effort goes into every scene. The show is pleasing to look at, keeps a mellow atmosphere without pushing the drama to unrealistic levels, and delivers interesting characters who feel oddly realistic.

Overall Score: 8/10

Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 12: Yagate Kimi ni Naru

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The student council makes curry together

It feels weird to talk about this show for the first time right as it’s get close to its ending, but I’m not really in a mood to comment on Sword Art Online. For the most part, I’ve generally stuck this series on kind of a middle-level. I think it’s interesting because of how it seems to truly explore character thoughts and motivations (rather than using generic, flowery language like other romances), but I haven’t been overly enthusiastic about it. The series does look great, though.

Former student council member talks about Touko's sister

That being said, I do like the general idea of personas in this series, especially with the recent episode’s shift to exploring the assumptions we’ve had about Touko’s sister. Even without having younger siblings, I’m sure it’s not hard to understand the desire to project the appearance of reliability to someone who looks up to you, so it’s a nice development.

Touko's sister seemed capable because of the efforts of others

If anything, this episode made it sound a lot more like Touko’s sister was actually a bit opportunistic, having gained a positive image as the hard-working student council president purely through the support of her friends. I’m actually quite curious to see how this affects Touko’s view of herself and her sister, since it seems to shatter a lot of her preconceptions.

Touko is nothing like her sister

Still, part of me wonders if Touko has always secretly known this about her sister. In an earlier episode, Yuu was trying to find out about Touko’s sister, only to find that many of the records related to her had disappeared. At the time, it was suggested that Touko was the reason behind it, so it’s possible that she already had an idea.

Controlling yourself in bed

To take a step back, the recent episodes haven’t focused as much on Yuu, but she’s part of the primary focus in the series. I wanted to note that I find her intriguing as a character. She seems to take an analytical approach to “love” as an emotion she doesn’t understand, and I find that cool.

Konohana Kitan Review: Making folklore interesting

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I wanted to take some time today to talk about one of the series in this season that surprised me. Konohana Kitan was a show that didn’t really appeal to me in the first episode because it seemed like a pretty generic show with cute fox girls (and potential yuri undertones).

It’s an episodic series that revolves around an inn named Konohanatei, which caters to various supernatural guests such as gods or lost souls. The main character, Yuzu, is the new attendant who has been sent to Konohanatei, and we watch her as she finds her own place amongst the other attendants.

But despite being episodic in nature, I found the stories in this series to be surprisingly engaging. Rather than focusing too much on the cute characters, I actually felt like the episodes did a good job focusing on the folklore aspects. My favorite story is one that involves a old lady who is making a kimono for her daughter. It sounds simple as described, but there’s much more behind it (I’m avoiding spoilers, of course).

The characters themselves are a strange point for me. I think they’re introduced well, but the main characters didn’t appeal to me as much. For example, I like the helpful and earnest nature of Yuzu, but I find her klutzy nature to be a bit overboard at times. She tends to find herself in some really ridiculous (and surprisingly dangerous) situations and manages to get out every time.

In all, watching this series was a very enjoyable experience. It’s true that it’s a moe show in nature, but I honestly think there’s a lot more going on to keep you interested.

Overall Score: 8/10