Tsuritama Episode 3

Alright, so I guess we know how to cast now. Shout out random 3-syllable phrases and feather the line…got it. Next up in this week’s episode, we have the mysterious Akira from last week…not much more information is given, but we are shown a bit of his weird duck-based organization (I expect great things from Tapioca). As for Kate, I guess she had to step aside so that Yuki and Haru could get closer. Natsuki and Akira will likely join in soon…Natsuki’s already softening.

So what are my expectations from here? Akira mentioned Haru’s mind control water gun, which he seems to see as the main threat from him. I’m guessing he’ll get closer to Haru, and Yuki may be forced to convince him that he has Haru’s gun under check. And as I said before, I want that duck to do something awesome. Other than that, we still need for Akira to be worked into the group somehow. Should be interesting…looking forward to it.

Tsuritama Episode 2

Back with more fishing. Introducing a few more characters this week. On the minor front, we have Natsuki’s little sister Sakura, who I assume will be used against him later. Also, Haru’s little sister…quite a bit more pushy than Haru, but with the same mind control water gun. Then finally, Akira Agarkar Yamada, the fourth member of the group. Yuki also manages to get over his shyness enough to talk to Natsuki and ask for his helping learning how to fish. I’m glad…that face Yuki makes when he’s nervous bugs me…

It was an interesting moment for me. We’ve been in Yuki’s head the whole time that I didn’t even realize that he has never spoken to Natsuki. I never considered how Natsuki must view him until he pointed it out. Anyway, we also get to see the mind control gun in action…as Haru uses it on Natsuki while Yuki watches. Yuki also gets Haru to stop using his gun…oh well, Haru’s gonna have to convince him the old fashioned way from now on. Next week, I’m guessing it’s a closer look at our new character Akira as he join in. Is he some sorta MIB-type character? Haru seems frightened of him. Should be interesting. This show is still pretty goofy. But I wonder why Yuki’s so special…Natsuki’s the Fishing Prince, after all.

Top Opening Songs of Spring Season 2012

Alright, so this is basically a list of what I feel are the top 5 songs from this season’s lineup. Purely my opinion…you don’t have to agree, just throwing it out there. Musical taste is a tricky thing. I’ve done the best I can to explain why I like the songs, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. Not sure how long these links will last…sure they’ll all eventually be taken down. I’m looking at these songs purely for music…there’s no influence from the actual video of the opening. Let me know if you want me to try more posts like this.


5. “dots and lines” by You Hitoto feat. Mummy-D from Zetman

First off, we have the Zetman opening. If you look at it, the song seems very off for the type of show Zetman is. You’d expect something more heavy. But as for the song itself, I liked it a lot. The tune is very catchy and none of the voices sound bad. It’s very consistent and it does a good job of moving itself forward.


4. “Feel So Moon” by Unicorn from Uchuu Kyoudai/Space Brothers

Another song where I kinda have to ignore what’s going on in the animation…random rainbows are random. But the song itself sounds really cool. It has a really good rhythm despite how light it is. If I had to point out a problem, though, I’d have to say that the ending sounded a bit weird to me. It sounds like the song is ascending towards some sort of big finish, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. But the intro to the song is amazing…


3. “Tsurezure Monochrome” by Fujifabric from Tsuritama

I don’t know what instrument is playing that tune in the background, but I love it. The guitar and the drums add to it very nicely too. The singer also doesn’t try to push himself too far, even though the song sounds like there are parts where he could. I’m not completely sure if this is the official opening theme for the show because they showed scenes from the episode in the background, but I’d be happy if it was.


2. “Chase the world” by May’n from Accel World

Probably one of the closest songs you’ll get to Jrock in this season. No matter what I think of the show, this song still sounds great (wait…I feel like I’ve said this before with a Sunrise show). It’s very fast-paced, and May’n does the vocals well. The song brings the music strong from the very beginning and keeps it up. The whole song feels like it blazes by in an instant, but it’s a normal-length song.


1. “To the Beginning” by Kalafina from Fate/Zero

Was it ever even a question? Kalafina, drawing the talents of the wonderful composer Yuki Kajiura, never fails to impress me. The whole song seems to…flow. Not sure how to put it. The intro sounds great and the song builds up so nicely. The violin is definitely a nice touch too. I dunno why people think that oath sign was so much better…I’d have a hard time choosing.


Honorable Mention:

“Borderland” by Mami Kawada from Jormungand

“CHOIR JAIL” by Konomi Suzuki from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

“Now or Never” by Nano from Phi Brain Season 2


Next up, we have some openings that didn’t quite make it on the list, but were pretty close. They deserve to be singled out from the ones I didn’t like:

Sakamichi no Apollon



Finally, we have the songs that just didn’t make the list. These are here for the simple reason that I want you to know which songs I was listening to when I made these decisions (no particular order):

Natsuiro Kiseki

Acchi Kocchi

Shining Hearts


Hiiro no Kakera

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka of the Dead

Saki Achiga-Hen

Medaka Box

Tsuritama Episode 1

Wow…a totally carefree episode. Let’s back up. We start off with our main character Sanada Yuki(mura?), a rather panicky guy who has trouble making friends. He transfers to Enoshima, where he meets Haru, a carefree, self-proclaimed alien who loves fishing. Also, throw in Usami Natsuki, the cool and serious guy in the class who is a fishing prodigy of some sort. There’s also supposed to be a fourth member, but I think we only get a glimpse of him in this first episode. Everything in the show is, like I said before, just carefree, mostly mediated through Haru and his water gun of mind control. He just does whatever he feels like and drags everyone into it.

Then again, I wonder how long this will last. They mentioned saving the world in the episode, so I imagine things may get a bit more serious pretty soon. Still, I think it should still be alright. I never expected a show about fishing to be quite so…quirky. As for the music, the song that I assume is the opening theme was pretty good. The tune is catchy and the vocals are alright. The ending theme was a pretty good song too…a light song I might actually listen to. Definitely should be an interesting show to watch…even if Yuki’s panicked drowning parts annoy me a little. Also, what’s up with the goose?