Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 10: The Axis lost again

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Well, that was certainly a colorful ending…in multiple ways. So uhh…I guess we’re done, huh? Moving on…

Starting off strong on faces I see.

Wait, is this supposed to be “holy water”? Aren’t hot springs just hot water?

Again, what’s the difference between being useful “a few times” and being useful “on occasion”- I seriously can’t stop. What’s wrong with me?

Haha I love how casually this guy is introduced as a bad guy. I was wondering why he was important.

Okay, I usually complain about Darkness, but the way she reacts to the word “slime” caught me off-guard…in a good way?

Well, can you really blame Kazuma? Nice play on the RPG stereotype.


Well, the music started, so I guess things are serious now.

What if Kazuma’s bones were disintegrated by the Explosion spell? I mean, sure, plot armor and all, but still…

Are we really doing this right now? One final punch to the face?

Surprise! The bad guys win!

Oh come on!


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 9: Now we’re really surrounded

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Ahh…nothing like dealing with crazy cultists, right? Also, fun fact. I’m just now realizing that this season is going to be 10 episodes like the first season. That means we’re at the climax of the season. As I say below, I’m really hoping that the battle against the cultists is something epic and not just a series of chase scenes.

Random side note: if only you could block cults like you can block popup ads.

I forgot what show I was watching for a second and thought the loud bang was a gunshot. Guns in a fantasy world…who would do that?

Is this just an unfortunate translation or is this the “all priests are perverts” line? Because I thought it was the latter and laughed a little bit harder than I should have.

Being Aqua is rough.

I have to admit that Aqua does a decent job as a priest.

Chomusuke hat…wait, what did Wiz say?

Yup…this screenshot is here for Chomusuke. No other reason…

I was going to get on Darkness and Megumin for being too easy to fool, but then this happened…

And yeah! Don’t throw the cat!

Darn it, Kazuma. That’s my job!

I feel like this guy is supposed to be important or something, but I can’t figure out why. Just a comrade?


You’d think Darkness would enjoy this…but I guess her faith is where she draws the line for self-punishment?

Please tell me this leads to an extended battle against the crazy cultists. I need this.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 8: We’re surrounded!

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So, I guess we’re not going to be in this town for too long. Other than triggering some uncomfortable memories (think happy thoughts), this episode really picked it back up in the second half. I wasn’t fully convinced by the first half, with the exception of the unfortunate thing that happens to Wiz, of course. Don’t honestly have much else to say about this one…other than the Axis is everywhere!

Well, that’s just unfortunate. So judging by the explanation at the beginning of the episode, it sounds like these birds are only attracted to hard stuff because they want to find things to use as obstacles for chicken races. Doesn’t this feel like a long way to go for this joke?

Kazuma’s background comments are still the greatest moments in this series. I’m barely paying attention to Darkness at this point…

Chomusuke nooooo!!

Holy crap…how much experience does Megumin earn here?

This one’s your fault for not setting the night watch.

I don’t really understand why Kazuma gets so upset at this one. The zombies were handled in one fell swoop with no real inconvenience (RIP Wiz), so why does he feel bad about it?

Realistically simulating what it’s like when I visit my hometown.

Nowhere is safe!

At this point, what’s the point of even getting his permission? Just write a fake name down and be done with it.

Well, that was nice!

Even the children? Not the children! But in all seriousness, the delivery of this joke was better than I was expecting.