Zankyou no Terror Episode 3: First win?

[HorribleSubs] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.44_[2014.07.24_19.02.28]

I guess this episode was supposed to show off Shibazaki as the new major opponent for Sphinx. It looks like he’ll be the “House” for this show, inspired at the last second with the key to each of the riddles…presumably, he’ll be the only one capable of standing in the way of our main characters. But I guess this week’s episode wasn’t really a victory for the police. This week’s bomb seems to have just been a test from Nine to see how much the police knew…just how overpowered are they planning on making these kids?

I suppose it should be really hard to catch the main character (the show wouldn’t be much of a show), but they can’t win everything, right? And I’m still waiting to see how Lisa factors into everything. So far, her story seems to be just a completely separate thing. I guess she’s just supposed to suffer these first few episodes so that she’ll more willingly join the main characters. Also, judging by Nine’s constant flashbacks, I can’t discount the very high likelihood that the children from the facility will be involved somehow. But will they be allies or enemies?

Zankyou no Terror Episode 2: Save us, Shibasaki! You’re our only hope!

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Apparently, this Shibasaki guy is a pretty good cop if he’s being called to action. I’m assuming he left the police force after something went wrong in one of his cases. Anyway, I’m still curious about motives in this show…and also how the girl is supposed to factor into all of these things (she totally isn’t being forced to do this!). I definitely caught the small switch with the famous Sphinx riddle, where the two legs thing comes first, but I didn’t know that there was actually a second riddle that went like that, so I didn’t know the answer. I figured that the “man” answer was way too easy because too many people know that reference.

What was up with the last line in the episode? Nine states that he is “waiting” for someone. Is he simply saying that he’s ready for the police to chase him or is there a specific target that he has in mind? And apparently, these two have plutonium now, so presumably they’re preparing to take these explosions to a nuclear scale. Nothing wrong with more explosions, right?