Medaka Box Episode 5

This week’s episode looks like the start of a mini-arc. Glad it wasn’t a half-episode, I guess. An interesting idea to place Medaka against a team of money-grubbers. Although I question the idea of putting a swim team in a swimming event, I guess it was to create a scenario where someone could actually challenge Medaka. Also…swimsuits, I guess >.> I thought the flotation handicap on the males in the competition was pretty funny, but the gag didn’t go where I thought it was going. Just think about it for a second…forcing guys to have a source of buoyancy…what could that mean?

Oh Shiranui…you’re so evil…Not in a “I’m gonna defeat the protagonist” way, but more of a “I know what you’ve been doing” way (*shivers*). Next week, the second event starts. Looks like Zenkichi and Akune won’t be able to just sit out again. And based on the preview…more eels >.> Come on…really?