Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7: A plot is afoot!


Well, Sakura turned over pretty easy once everyone in the cast got some free time to deal with her (you know…when they’re not busy with their idol life and whatnot). I’d say “we have a new ally”, but she left her weapon behind. I’m assuming she’s practically useless now. More dead weight, it seems. Akihito didn’t have as much of a role in this episode, which is slightly comforting. He’s not the protagonist that solves everyone’s problems.

I’m not too sure what exactly this “lull” business is supposed to be. Everything comes to a halt? Does that mean a time stop of some kind? Oh well, it looks like next week they’ll deal with it. Maybe we’ll find out what this “plot” is concerning the Hollow Shadow and Sakura’s weapon.