Date A Live Episode 3: Would you like to continue?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 03 [F8EF25DC].mkv_snapshot_02.02_[2013.04.21_09.24.37]

Shido died…oh wait. This guy has extra lives in real life? Keima would be so jealous. Looks like Shido isn’t normal after all…not only did he somehow resurrect himself, but he also was able to diffuse Tohka at the end with a kiss. If he had only done the second thing, I would think that maybe all Spirits would be like that with anyone. But it seems he’s special somehow. Don’t tell me…the whole show’s a game?

So…on to the next Spirit? First one captured? This is a game that gets exponentially harder with each win…sounds fun, right? With each Spirit, he has to balance the previous Spirits, after all. Almost makes Keima’s quests look like a walk in the park.