Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 15: Vengeance

[Commie] Aldnoah.Zero - 15 [AC571A7C].mkv_snapshot_16.31_[2015.01.25_07.33.08]

So Inaho’s not going to be the only calculating one in this show? Slaine’s showing some nice techniques here. I was getting worried…it seemed for a bit like he was just going to let himself get carried by his Kataphrakt’s prediction power. But even that will probably be beaten soon…it looked like Inaho might have roughly figured out what the time limit for the prediction is in this episode’s fight.

The Odin reference in this week’s episode actually isn’t that surprising…I’ve seen that reference made before when discussing the first season. However, since my knowledge of Norse mythology is weak, I can’t really infer too much from it. Maybe I should read up. Anyway, I assume the other Orbital Knights won’t let Slaine get away with replacing Saazbaum so easily…surely they must question the timing, right?

Aldnoah.Zero S2 First Impressions (13): Everyone’s back?

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Ahh yes…I forgot to fully consider the possibility of a fake Asseylum. I didn’t really realize it until I watched the trailer that showed Slaine walking into the dark room talking to her (this happened at the end of this episode). That could only mean that he was talking to the real Asseylum (though I had assumed she was truly dead and that he had preserved her body in some sick manner). But since she’s still on life support, this means that she’ll likely return at some pivotal moment (or whenever Inaho discovers her).

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The only thing I’m still questioning is why Slaine has decided to oppose the Terrans again. Perhaps he realizes that allying with the Martians and their advanced technology is the only possible way to bring Asseylum back. Is it really that simple? Will he betray them the moment she returns? Also, do I really want to comment on the fact that Inaho possesses the Aldnoah activation factor now? With absolutely no explanation as to how he got it? Don’t tell me that something as simple as a kiss/CPR can initiate someone into the royal family. But all that aside, music for this series is great as always…really glad about the new songs. Also, the general outrage for this episode is pretty funny to me…what did you really expect?