Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 10: Slime, Honda-san

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Well, I’ve got a gap in the schedule for this week, so I suppose some restructuring is in order.

Rimuru enjoying his sense of taste

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 10

I think this adaptation has spoiled me, since I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out whenever Rimuru is in human form. The slime expressions in this show are just too good. I know I should feel sorry for the guy, since he’s finally regaining his sense of taste, but I’m starting to think he should just stay as a slime.

Benimaru encounters the masked majin

This masked majin actually does a decent job of characterizing the different races. In this episode, we see that this guy, Gelmud, has offered to name quite a few monsters, and each one has a unique response. Benimaru, the proud and cautious oni, rejects the offer. The orc, desperate for power, gathers his fellow orcs to take over the surrounding area. And the lizardman just slacks off with his power. Uhh…did we ever meet the goblin who was named?

Introducing Shion

The oni are some of my favorite characters in this series, so I’m happy to see them finally joining. Rimuru’s monster community is really starting to come together.

The lizardmen make their appearance

Hmm, I’m having flashbacks to the second season of Overlord.

We're left in awe

Gaikotsu Shoten’in Honda-san General Impressions

I figured I’d give a quick plug for this show because I think it’s a lot of fun. I’m no longer in a customer service position, but I have “fond” memories from some of my previous jobs. If this series has taught me anything, it’s that my past experiences pale in comparison to the trials of the bookstore employee.

No one expects a bookseller to talk to them

I really like how this series blends the stress of customer service with general commentary on books. It’s funny to see the characters panic when faced with situations like decreasing interest in physical books, since I’m someone who went from primarily reading physical books to primarily reading digital books. Go ahead and string me up if you have to…I probably deserve it.

Reversible bookmark

The reversible bookmark story is probably my favorite one in the series so far. It’s always bad with customers, but the immediate shift in behavior when someone realizes that they’ve made a bad assumption is pretty much universal.

Random First Impressions Summer 2018: Isekai Edition

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I’m travelling this weekend, so I’m keeping this one quick. But there’s totally a theme for this post. Clearly, I’m putting in a lot of effort, right?


It’s a bit late in the game, but I’ve been enjoying the third season of Overlord. In comparison to the second season, there’s a lot more focus on Ainz’s inner monologue. It’s probably because the second season spent so much time on the lizard people, but the monologues are one of my favorite things to watch in this series.

It’s hard not to relate to this guy. Being the supreme overlord of a game takes practice, right?

Yes, it does.

I’m not going to lie. I really didn’t see this one coming. It makes sense when you think about it, but it still surprised me to see this.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

I’ve been reading the manga for this series for a bit now, so I was looking forward to watching this. So far, it’s been pretty fun, which is how I felt about the manga. As I said before, the inner monologue in Overlord is my favorite part, so this series is kind of a different version of it. I know a lot of it is pretty typical for isekai (among other things), but I enjoy it. Go figure…

If only this act worked in real life. I should try it.

Overlord S2 First Impressions (1): Back to business

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Well, this episode certainly was good for making me realize how much I’d forgotten about this series in its absence. I think I have the important bits, but I’m curious to see how it will affect my perception of this season. Still, I always saw this series as fun, and this episode was pretty entertaining.

I actually don’t have too much to say about this Rubik’s Cube scene. At least, the cube was displayed well. I didn’t notice any lazy animation when it moved and the pieces didn’t look obviously wrong.

I was also paying too much attention to the cube to actually read what the two characters were saying. Are these people supposed to be the enemy?

The first scene in this second season referenced a “vampire” who pretty much has to be Shalltear. This dragon also flashes back to an encounter he had with Shalltear. Is this just some random background for her or she supposed to be even more important in coming events? I suspect I’m just forgetting something really obvious from the first season.

The fact that this guy’s name is “Climb” makes me wonder if Renner should actually be “Runner”. The names would be equally ridiculous then.

Okay, I admit that I forgot this piece of Albedo’s introduction. At least it’s a useful flashback, right?

Watching Shalltear pretend to be drunk was pretty funny. Poor Shalltear…I have to remind myself that she was the final boss of the first season. The exposition from Ains helps.