Kill la Kill Episode 14: Well, that was pretty fast

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Wow…Ryuuko gathered the pieces of Senketsu back pretty quickly. And of course, there’s conveniently one piece left out there. Let me guess. That piece is with Satsuki, right? That would just be super convenient. Anyway, this week was just the battle on all fronts with all of the other schools. Frankly, it wasn’t all that interesting. The only part I thought was funny was the meat tank just because of how nonsensical it was.

Next week, I assume Senketsu will be revived. Since it looks like it will be happening in the middle of a tense battle, I’m guessing the pieces will magically be able to reassemble themselves. And then, Ryuuko will reach her final form. It’s a bit early for a final fight, though. Then again, she still has to get through both Nui and Satsuki, so what do I know?

Kill la Kill Episode 13: Now what?

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Well, Senketsu was destroyed in a very anti-climactic manner. That’s kinda disappointing. Even if this is a temporary death, you’d think it would be a little bit more dramatic than that. I mean, we even had a break with no episodes and we come back to this? You could at least cliffhanger Senketsu’s destruction before the break to mess with everyone. Honestly, before the last five minutes or so in this episode, I was pretty bored. Not really fun watching Satsuki prepare for war and Ryuuko mope around.

Well, I suppose this is a typical progression. Now, Ryuuko will be able to go through a “rebirth” of sorts and gain her final form. Presumably there will be a dramatic moment where the pieces of Senketsu gather together and form around Ryuuko because that’s who he truly belongs with? Something like that? I guess next week is the start of the training or acceptance of herself or whatever comes next.

Kill la Kill Episode 12: Well, that escalated quickly

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I’m not entirely sure who to suspect anymore. Satsuki seems like too convenient of an enemy to me. First we find out that Nui was the one who actually killed Ryuuko’s father, but Satsuki still claims to have been the mastermind behind it all. The seed of doubt is rampaging within me. Also, the fact that the teacher said something to the effect of the three girls being beyond the level of humans when they fight has been bugging me.

It suggests that either the show becomes a battle royale between those three or some sort of dream team of the three against an even greater foe. Anyway, it looks like some new character next week. The last scene paints a pretty sinister look on him, so I’m guessing this is someone from the western academy that Satsuki is trying to squelch?

Kill la Kill Episode 11: A new enemy appears

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Well, Ryuuko lost it. Well, this new character Harime Nui claims to be the one who murdered Ryuuko’s father. I find it slightly hard to believe because of how convenient it is and because the silhouette doesn’t match the memory. But those are pretty flimsy, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. Part of me is also willing to accept it because it allows for the possibility of a Ryuuko-Satsuki tag-team in the future.

Anyway, next week Ryuuko fights Nui. Presumably, with the rage she’s currently feeling, I find it unlikely that she’ll be able to win. More than likely, this fight is the setup for the story of the next arc. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

Kill la Kill Episode 10: Senketsu is such a god mod

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It looks like Senketsu changed form again. Also, the second battle was pretty easy. That data guy barely even got a flashback. As for number three, I assume she’ll lose as well judging by the current state of the battle. I’m curious why that guy said Senketsu was evolving too quickly, though. Does that indicate that Ryuuko may lose control of Senketsu or something?

So next week, a new character randomly shows up? I guess she’s going to interrupt the battle against the Elite Four? That’s probably the only way number three doesn’t lose to Ryuuko. Personally, I say screw the Elite Four now and let them be allies later, but we’ll see how things go.

Kill la Kill Episode 9: Oh hey, she actually managed to win

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First Elite Four is down! Well, if it’s anything like the last time, he’ll come back stronger. That was quite a drawn-out battle. I’m glad that winning wasn’t as simple as just sitting there and waiting for his timer to run out. Although, apparently Senketsu can take on other forms now. How very convenient that he has a blade form.

Time to fight the next Elite Four in the next episode. Ryuuko can’t possibly win against all of them this early, right? Does she lose to this one or a later one? Who knows…maybe she just beats them all and they all come back to fight her again or something. I was under the impression that this show goes on for two seasons.

Kill la Kill Episode 8: Well, that was random

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Apparently, Gamagoori turned out to be a masochist. So he charges up in one form and it powers his second form? What happens if you just don’t hit him when he’s in the first form? If it’s a timed thing, then he would theoretically be weaker. But if it’s a gauge with a threshold, then it might not matter. Either way, I’d say there’s no harm in trying.

Anyway, next week starts the battle against the Elite Four and the battle against Gamagoori. Will Ryuuko have to fight them all in a row? Because that would certainly make things more difficult. Unless the others are just absurdly weak. Actually, the more likely possibility is that Ryuuko just loses to Gamagoori and never has to face the others.

Kill la Kill Episode 7: The power of friendship!

And fireworks just because...
And fireworks just because…

Sorry, Ryuuko. Using the system to achieve your goals isn’t going to work. I always knew Spinzaku was full of crap. This week’s episode was pretty boring. The whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” thing is too overplayed. I would say that Ryuuko managed to save herself some work by taking out a lot of the lower-level clubs, but it seems like that was Satsuki’s plan all along.

Anyway, next week it looks like another one of the Elite Four will take the stage. This time Ira Gamagoori, the most outspoken of the four, will take his shot at Ryuuko. Will she be able to win this one? We’re getting closer to the end of the show, right? Surely she has to beat one of them…

Kill la Kill Episode 6: Beaten again?

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Well, I guess I shouldn’t have thought they would let one of the top four lose so easily and so early in the show. They seem like the sort of enemies that you would want to fight in a row, anyway (get it? Because they’re like the Elite Four?). So far, Senketsu has absorbed quite a few Life Fibers and I don’t really sense any improvement in their fighting. I guess it’s one of those cheesy “Ryuuko needs to get more powerful for it to mean anything” things.

So, next week the focus randomly shifts to Mako? She’s not gonna suddenly gain some sort of power, right? She’s too stupid to use it correctly. That would be a scary thing indeed. Also, is Ryuuko going to go back to just fighting club presidents now?

Kill la Kill Episode 5: An ally, maybe?

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Interesting…so this new character was able to hear Senketsu as well. So maybe it’s just the Kamui who decides who can and cannot hear it? Here I was thinking maybe Ryuuko was special somehow. Oh well…that’s no fun at all. Anyway, I don’t really know why they needed an episode to “take Ryuuko down a notch”. She recently got trashed by Satsuki, right? She did need an ally, but this guy probably isn’t going to do much active helping.

Next week, it looks like the focus shifts to one of those four important people at the top. Is Ryuuko going to fight him? That would put her a lot closer to her goal, right? Finally, some progress or something? If you don’t count the defeat of three minor clubs in this week’s episode as progress, I suppose…