Seikaisuru Kado Episode 3: All the power

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This series continues to be intriguing, but I question where it’s going. I really did like the conversations about information transmission because it made it clear how important this discussion was. However, I’m not sure I’m totally on board with Yaha-kui’s decision to just grant Japan magic energy-producing balls from the start. As hinted in the preview, that’s something that would cause massive political problems when you get into conversations of how they should be distributed and whether they’re even safe. Plus, unlimited power drawn from a higher dimension. Where have I seen this premise before? I vaguely recall a W or something…

I’m also not sure I like the excessive jargon that Yaha-kui uses when Japanese words aren’t appropriate. Maybe that’s just something I’ll have to learn to tolerate, though. But seriously, what’s the next step? Is Yaha-kui just going to keep producing new thing after new thing for humanity to enjoy?

This is an interesting idea. It’s true that information is inherently difficult to transfer in communication, but 90% seems pretty good. Yaha-kui also seems to indicate that directly speaking to the brain rather than using sound reduces the information lost. Assuming he’s using language, it feels like it’s hard for that to be the case, but it’s also possible that we focus on different parts of a sentence based on how we hear them.

A rather indirect method of saying that Yaha-kui’s first encounter with Shindo was an attempt to directly send information to his brain. I rather enjoy it when aliens take shots at how weak the human brain really is.

Pfft…good luck with that. Also, is Shindo being fed this information telepathically without anyone else hearing or does he just understand what Yaha-kui wants?

That’s kinda convenient.

Wait, is this supposed to be casting doubt on Shindo’s motives? Wonder where this will go. It could just be a casual nod at Shindo’s skills.

Urgh…I hate it when they do this convenient drowning out of an important line thing.

I think this just makes things more confusing. Is what he’s calling “the universe” the same as what we call the universe? Or is he saying that the planet Earth is what he will refer to as “the universe”? I’m going to assume the first one because otherwise his next statement is nonsensical.

Yeah, higher dimension conversations are probably more easily transmitted visually…

Still, the way this is presented seems a bit odd (more physics-minded people can correct me if I’m mistaken). The arm is shown shrinking out of view when it leaves 3D space and growing into view when it returns to 3D space. I’m assuming this is meant to show that the arm progresses into the extra dimension rather than immediately jumping into it? But why does that visually manifest in the arm shrinking? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to see something more like the plane when the cube landed on it?

Alright, this conversation went over my head. It sounds like Unocle is supposed to be equivalent to being a position of excess resources. This is in response to the question “why did you come to Japan”, so it sounds like he’s saying that Japan is particularly prosperous right now and therefore he chose to talk with them. Is that even true? Or maybe he’s saying that Japan is the most likely country to “share the bread”, which I highly doubt is true.

Power! Unlimited Power! So that’s his proposition? Seems pretty tantalizing.

Haha that’s a pretty direct way to prove the powering capabilities of the Wam.


Seikaisuru Kado Episode 2: He’s learning?

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I still think this series shows a lot of promise, but I don’t think I can find anything specific to point out in this episode that was impactful. I’m still really interested to see where the series is going, but this episode felt almost like “necessary setup”. If the entire series focuses on how much we can really trust the unknown Yaha-kui, it could be entertaining to see how different people react and justify their doubts and such. So I guess what I’m saying is…I’m on board?

Well, this is better than the “appearing in front of the eardrums” thing the other guy said. It’s likely not even a sound at all, but rather directly making the brain “hear” the words. So sure…soaking in the brain.

Japan in particular? Is it because he landed here and Shindo told him the place or was this country his target?

You have three hours to find a megaphone…good luck. I’d think a negotiator would want more details than this, but meh…what do I know?

They’re making it sound like Shindo’s gone native and joined the other side. In which case, I feel like I would be asking what the alien might have done to convince someone as respected and proficient as Shindo. Do they think he’s being controlled?

Shindo’s phone wasn’t in airplane mode? What a terrible flyer.

The fact that Yaha-kui is being fabricated like this is kinda interesting. Is he adapting to the human form he detects or is this his true form?

Side note: I really like the song playing here. Reminds me of the music from Interstellar.

Weird…how does Shindo know here that Yaha-kui wants to see the cell phone? Because he wants to learn how to communicate? That’s the only connection I can make.

Looks like he read your emails, buddy. Good thing that phone didn’t have any wireless service…imagine if the sentient alien got hold of the internet.

Wait, these passengers have to survive for 30 days on airplane food? The horror…

The math checks out here, but it does raise an important question. Why do the passengers need to be released all at once? You could let some of them out, right? Perhaps Shindo is trying to avoid causing a panic or something since everyone would want to go first. I guess this makes Shindo’s future negotiations easier since he can offer to release the processed passengers as payment.

The king coming out to talk with the dog? I’m assuming that’s meant to symbolize Yaha-kui’s conversation with humanity, but yeesh…that’s harsh, man.

Uhh…what? I’m assuming this means that it’s up to each person to decide whether Yaha-kui is an ally or an enemy. Seems a little…odd.

Seikaisuru Kado First Impressions (1): The cube descends

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Phew, this episode seemed like a pretty promising premiere. I won’t go into episode 0 too much because there wasn’t all too much to talk about there. It’s mostly designed to introduce the main character and outline why he’s the best man for the job, but I’d say it’s pretty optional to watch it. I like that it allows the first episode to get right into the action, though.

And as for the episode, I really did enjoy watching the scientific approach to examining the cube when it first pops up. I’m not sure how that will play a role moving forward, but it certainly got my attention. It looks like next week’s episode will be showing us what happened inside the cube, which I’m interested to see. The preview made it look like Yaha-kui uses Shindo to learn Japanese or something.

This was in episode 0, but whatever. This is a good way to make me like a character.

We’ve already got the bad end? I’m kidding…I’ve read the synopsis.

That cube looks pretty stable for having about half of it’s surface area above water. But then again, I’m no engineer.

This actually looks awesome.

My alternative hypothesis would be that the plane was being disintegrated, but maybe that comes from watching too much anime. She’s a theoretical physicist, so I’ll take her word for it?

I would have gone with “well, the protagonist is in there, so they’re probably still alive”, but again…I’ll defer to the logic of the theoretical physicist.

I like the way Shinawa thinks.

Again, I would have gone with “shields”, but maybe isolation is the technical term. I really should study more physics.

I understand that there’s a passenger plane stuck inside and time is running out, but this is an arguably alien technology that has just arrived on our planet. Should we really be shooting at it with a tank right now? I give them points for shooting at a corner, though, to minimize damage.

This visual effect is definitely going to do a number on my eyes before this series is over.

Who could it be?

That’s one heck of introduction. Is this convenient timing or did he decide that getting shot at by a tank was enough indication that he should probably say something to humanity?