Little Witch Academia Final Episode (25): Magic saves the world

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As much as I’ve complained about this series overall, this final episode felt really strong. It felt like a good wrap-up for everything that’s been happening in the series. There was a lot of good hype and good scenes in the episode, and it felt like it had a good sense of past events, from the broom throwback to the big battle where Akko uses the spell she’s practiced the most to fight the missile. My opinion of this series has really turned around from what it was in the first half, so I’m glad I stuck it out in this season despite adding an extra show to my schedule. This show turned out to be a lot better than I expected it would be.

What’s the point of showing the missile on this guy’s phone if some random aide is going to tell him about the missile immediately after we see it? Also, is Croix’s app specifically showing the footage of this missile? That’s pretty twisted, man. Plus, I don’t understand how this video is even being recorded. Sigh…magic, I guess.

Apparently, you can overcome the security system of a program with brute force alone. Wait, that might have been the wrong choice of words.

I can literally hear Uncle from Jackie Chan saying “magic must defeat magic” when I’m reading this line. No one’s going to get that reference…

Also, I just want to throw out that we saw earlier that Chariot was able to hit the moon with a shot from the Shiny Arc. We’ll just ignore that fact. Plus, the missile is a moving target and Akko isn’t that bright, so the plan probably wouldn’t work anyway.

Oh I see now. There are nine witches if you include Croix and Chariot, but there are only seven stars on the Shiny Rod, so two must be left behind. I’m going to assume that this is intentionally done because it’s really cool.

Haha they turned the giant broom into a multi-stage rocket. Fair enough.

This guy’s logic makes no sense. He’s unwilling to inform the other country about the incoming missile because he doesn’t expect the other country to believe that they didn’t fire the missile. However, he somehow believes that they will bear no responsibility for the damage caused by the missile. Didn’t you just say that they would believe that you were the ones who fired the missile? What happened to that? Make up your mind.

Hmm…I see 4chan, Twitter, Niconico, Youtube, the BBC, and Facebook. Did I do this right?

Urgh, I really shouldn’t be surprised that the power of belief is what gives Akko and Diana enough magic to fight the monster, but it still hurts. That’s not my main point. I don’t see how this speech from Chariot works. She refers to a dangerous monster, but the general public have only seen a giant missile. Is there a reason why they would rally behind two witches trying to fight some random monster? Why not specifically say that they’re going to stop the missile?

Even Andrew has his moment.

That’s a hell of a throwback.

I have to admit that this attack is pretty hype.

That’s actually a pretty good way to end.

Final Score: 8/10

Little Witch Academia Episode 24: Closing the loop

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I stand by my disappointment with how this story has gone, but I still think that this episode did a decent job of wrapping things up. I didn’t really have any issues with Chariot and Akko’s reconciliation. On the other side of things, I’m not sure how I feel about Croix turning into a redeemable character. I would have been more convinced if last week’s episode didn’t set her up as a perpetually jealous character who was sabotaging Chariot from the beginning. I guess I’m just not convinced. Anyway, we’ll see how everything goes next week.

I don’t doubt that improving magic with science is possible in a world with magic, but it’s still a pretty funny thing to say.

Wow…they even added a lightsaber hum. This scene went full Star Wars.

I’m so surprised about this entrance that I’m questioning why Chariot didn’t bring in the other professors earlier. Though based on her reaction to their entrance, Chariot probably didn’t call them here.

Despite a huge boost of energy from human emotion, Croix still needs to drain the leyline of its magic. It’s probably because it makes it harder for the other witches to stop her or because she needs even more energy, but we’ll save that for later explanation.

Also, how convenient that Akko and friends are in the leyline when the magic goes out, which put them in Arcturus Forest in the very first episode. It’s like we’re coming all the way back around.

I wasn’t expecting a physical object to represent the world reconstruction magic, but I guess it’s just a stick.

I would say something about this scene, but I’ve met people who think this way, so I really can’t complain.

The one time the big death machine doesn’t have a self-destruct sequence…

This might actually be interesting. At first, I assumed that the Noir Rod went crazy because it received too much negative emotion, but I wanted it to be linked with Croix’s own emotional instability. Since Chariot never once triggered the Fuel Spirit, she’s probably doing the same now. So the Noir Wand probably isn’t rebelling against its master. It’s targeting another source of Fuel Spirit energy.

We really are coming full circle.

This feels like a familiar message…

I have to admit that the brief silence and “clicking” sound effect that happens right before the magic fully activates made me wonder if the spell would work on the first try. It was funnier than I expected it to be.

Hold on. We need to solve one last crisis before we’re done here.

Little Witch Academia Episode 23: Renewed hope?

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This episode had more worried for a bit. I was disappointed with Chariot’s story in the beginning of the episode, but I liked Diana’s conversation with Akko near the end. I guess I was expecting a bit more from Chariot’s background than what we got, so it felt like wasted potential. That being said, I’m still curious to see where the series will go with the final Word. Based on the quote from the Shiny Chariot card that Diana gives to Akko, I wonder if the final Word has to do with trusting someone else. Maybe Akko needs to entrust the final Word to Diana in order to make it work. That could be a fun way to end things.

Diana’s on the case! Since Diana knows that Ursula left to find Akko, her actions make a lot of sense. I always appreciate scenes like this.

This seems familiar.

This explanation of Chariot’s backstory is overall pretty disappointing so far. First off, Croix’s dissent is literally boiled down to jealousy about the Shiny Rod. The earlier reveals suggested there was more to Croix than that, but it seems like that’s all we get.

More importantly, I feel like there could have been more interesting ways to explain Chariot’s use of Dream Fuel Spirit. At the end of the day, Croix is just the ultimate villain of the series, tricking Chariot into using unsafe magic. I was thinking that the nature of her shows might force her to resort to using an alternate means of fueling her magic, since she couldn’t carry a Sorcerer’s Stone around with her. Alternatively, there could have just been a darker side to Chariot in the past…that would have worked too.

This entire scene suggests that Chariot only used the Dream Fuel Spirit on one show. I get why that might weigh on her conscience, but that seems like an honest mistake.

I’m not sure I’m willing to buy into this “more magic means more entertainment” idea. It feels like a general lack of resource management and creativity from Chariot. I suppose it’s stated that she isn’t a great witch, so that might make sense. I wonder if this scene is trying to suggest that Akko succeeds in that respect, using what little magic she can muster to provide entertainment.

She knows!

Ouch, Diana is coming up pretty big in this scene. I found it impressive enough that she didn’t flip out at Ursula taking her magic as a child. This line is just adding even more.

Diana’s probably the best character to find Akko in this situation.

I like how the scene blows past this revelation. It adds to the story, but there’s no reason to dwell on it.

I’m enjoying this conversation between Diana and Akko. Diana’s position is almost like a future state for Akko. She can see the paths that Akko and essentially gives her preference.

You could say that Diana believes in Akko’s heart that believes in her.

I can’t see this ending well.

Little Witch Academia Episode 22: The truth

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Phew…that was a hell of an episode. This second half of the series has really been a completely different series if you compare it to the first half. I was definitely not expecting the Shiny Chariot reveal to play out like this. I take back every complaint I made about Ursula’s reluctance to tell Akko her secret. This reveal does such a great job of explaining so many elements of the series, like Akko’s lack of magical skill and the general disdain for Shiny Chariot in the magical world. It even explains why Diana lost her magic as a child. I’m glad that this series was hiding such an interesting underlying story. I’m definitely curious where this goes, because I’m guessing Chariot had a reason for using the Dream Fuel Spirit. Croix’s not completely off the hook yet.

You sure about that? There are still three episodes left? You probably don’t want to rush it.

I’m sure that Croix has a hand in all of this, but it’s still pretty silly that countries are going to war over the outcome of a soccer game. That would definitely never happen in real life…right? Plus, the whole “goal/no goal” thing makes it sound like it was a dispute about a decision that the game officials made. Why would it spark enmity between nations?

Am I the only person who’s a little too suspicious about the fact that Ursula says “almost” here?

I would get mad, but they showed us Diana in the scene right before this one. It was practically a given that she would intrude on this meeting right as Ursula was about to tell Akko about Shiny Chariot. We have to save that for the climax, right?

The “almost” strikes! Nice to see that last week’s episode didn’t magically fix everything.

They’re friends now!

Using youtube videos to spark controversy? Where have I seen this before?

Also “discription”.

While I don’t disagree with Croix’s statement that the anger comes from within the citizens, I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen evidence that she was provoking them. Anger is a normal thing, but she threw gas on the fire.

I’m kinda curious about what the master plan is. You gather a bunch of magic and do what with it?

It’s happening!

Come again?

Little Witch Academia Episode 21: Don’t go to the light!

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This week’s episode still felt pretty scripted, but it at least made Croix look a bit better. She could still be a pretty simple villain, but the episode seemed to suggest that she might have some interesting motivations. I almost wonder if Croix lost her magic because of the Wagandea pollen and uses her magic technology to mask that fact. And based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks like her plan is to use energy from non-magic people harnessed from her sketchy app to power her fake Shiny Rod. Seems simple enough.

It’s gotten to the point where even Andrew realizes how much Akko pulls him into the story.

Aww man…I was going to guess that Croix was behind Emotion Refresh, but that gets immediately revealed. Also, given the current political climate, it’s a bit comical to see protests breaking out because of the result of a soccer game.

That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with telling Akko the meaning of the Word to put her on the right track. This feels like one of those few times when I’m actually on Akko’s side. Plus, the very next scene shows Akko researching the meaning of the Word.

Yeah, that lesson of “patience” is turning out to be really effective here. I get the sense that the series is trying to explain away Ursula’s reluctance to tell Akko about the meaning of the next Word, but I don’t see how Akko could have come to the conclusion that she needed to go to Wagandea just from knowing that alone. Also, why would you give Akko such a vague date range unless you wanted her to go to Wagandea against your orders?

Akko’s reasoning is that she’s unlucky enough to guarantee the worst outcome when it comes to how long the pollen will linger. However, based on that logic, the pollen should be guaranteed to release before she can find the Word. I don’t think this is helping her case.

I’ll be very surprised if this episode doesn’t end with Ursula losing her magic to save Akko.

This seems a bit too easy.

I’m not sure what to make of this flashback. It’s not hard to guess that Croix would be jealous that Chariot was chosen by the Shiny Rod, but it doesn’t feel like enough of a motivation for her character. Plus, I feel like it’s been suggested that she helped Chariot along the way. Please tell me there’s more to her character than this.

This seems like a problem that’s very easily solved by showing Akko who you are, Ursula. I would say that she has some other reason for hiding her identity from Akko, but I’m pretty sure there was a recent episode that showed her preparing to tell Akko.

This looks promising. It seems like Croix wasn’t broken by seeing the Shiny Rod choose Chariot, so there has to be more to this story. Maybe she’s upset that Chariot failed to awaken all of the Words or something.

These things look a lot like healing lights, so I’m gonna say that that Ursula had her magic taken by the pollen, but it was restored by the magic of lov- err…I mean, the power of the Lyonne spell. I’m going to take that as a victory.

That can’t be good.

Little Witch Academia Episode 20: Why did it have to be snakes?

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Phew, this week’s episode was quite fun to watch. I know I take my shots with this episode, but my overall impression of it is surprisingly positive. I think the series has been doing a good job of developing its characters in the second half. I’m happy to have a better understanding of Diana’s motivations and background. It’s actually making me reconsider how much I really know about the other characters. Anyway, I’m a little sad that we have to get back to that sketchy business with Croix after this.

Yeah, Akko. I’m sure that will convince Diana to listen to you.

Huh…today I learned that “Venusian” is a word.

Oh no! It’s an opportunity for Akko to save the day again! Also, Diana was clearly standing on the plant bridge when the snakes attack her, but she’s magically on the platform in this picture. Sorry, I couldn’t resist pointing that out.

Squirrels are the natural enemies of witches! That aside, I’m not really surprised by this revelation, but Diana is a much more interesting character if she has this kind of backstory. Plus, this gives her a chance to relate with Akko, right?

Did this series just give Akko the convenient conversation where the bad guys reveal their evil plan so she can interfere with it? Sigh…

I know that Akko is impulsive and all, but how does she not notice Diana or the snakes before attempting to cross this plant bridge?

I was going to ask that too.

I have to admit that using a water drop in this shrine to represent the tears that Diana wouldn’t shed while talking about her deceased mother is a nice touch.

Aww…they’re friends now.

I’m torn on this. I liked that this scenario gave Diana another chance to show her compassion at the expense of the ritual, but it makes no sense that these three are here in the first place. How could they have known that Diana was coming here to do the ritual? They were clearly content to put their feet up and wait for the eclipse to pass before Akko overheard them.

Wait, is Diana’s goal at Luna Nova related to the card? Is she searching for Shiny Chariot too? It would certainly make sense.

This is the correct reaction.

Little Witch Academia Episode 19: In the family

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I really must say that I find this series more entertaining when it’s putting focus on its characters. It makes it feel a lot less like the characters are just bodies on a screen. Plus, it’s about time they focused on Diana. I’m honestly curious to see where this arc will go. It almost seems like Akko will try to stop the ceremony that Diana is trying to perform to prevent her from leaving Luna Nova. I’m still really surprised that I know so little about the world of this series, but I see this episode and last week’s episode as strong episodes that quell my earlier concerns with the show.

I do want to briefly mention my annoyance with the “problem of the week” style of this series, because it seems like the special broom that Constanze gave Akko last week has been entirely forgotten.

Remember that off-hand statement about trouble in the Cavendish family? Time to get back to that. Also, this memory once again mentions that Diana has the same goal as Akko. I just wish that the competition was played up a bit more. As it stands, Akko is the only one making progress towards unlocking that secret spell. Diana is really only there to give us some book knowledge about it.

I’m going to take a completely wild guess and say Diana’s mother is either dead or comatose.

Speaking of which, when do witches graduate?

It’s not really a secret if it’s a tradition, is it? Unless it’s a secret tradition? Plus, Diana gets on Akko’s case, but she clearly told her friends that she was leaving today.

The chosen one! I can’t think of another way this scene could have been presented, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch.

Could this character look any more evil?

I stand corrected.

This scene is one of those smaller scenes that has a large effect. I thought that Akko’s reaction to seeing Andrew again was perfect.

Wasn’t there a news broadcast about civil unrest in last week’s episode too? Is this supposed to be important? Maybe it’s a clue?

Wait, Akko is Asian?

Sigh…I understand that Diana reacted to Akko’s mention of the bear, but isn’t she the least bit suspicious of the fact that Diana is removing this box?

I know that Akko has generally fighting with Diana, but did she not notice that Diana defended her just a few moments earlier? I suppose she could have thought that Diana was just trying to avoid personal embarrassment.

I wish I could feel more invested in this “crisis”, but what exactly could Diana do to help the family? Generic aristocrat things?

I agree. Why would you try to sell magical items to someone who is very openly antagonistic towards witches?

Little Witch Academia Episode 18: Pierce the heavens

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I really did enjoy this episode and appreciated that the series was giving this nod to a side character. It also conveniently hits on a lot of the elements I like in an episode. Am I biased towards mechas? Absolutely! And I’m not ashamed of that. I also thought that Constanze was the most interesting character in the cast before this episode and the episode did a good job of affirming that. I just hope she doesn’t fall into obscurity past this point.

Haha please tell me that scoreboard is real and not fansub trickery.

Classic Akko. So, a Constanze-focused episode? I can get behind that.

While it’s true that the secret entrance to the secret laboratory on the bed is pretty cool, why don’t Constanze’s roommates know or at least guess that she’s in her lab if they already know about the button on the bed?

This expression is awesome. Constanze really needed this extra characterization. She was an interesting character before this point and this episode is really helping so far.

Maybe I’m being overly picky, but I think Constanze is more interesting when she’s able to get the point across without words. The thing she wrote on the chalkboard was cool because she reuses it in a later situation, but I feel like it would have been easy to get these robots to throw Akko out without yelling at her to get out.

I notice that Constanze has an actual computer in her lab instead of the witch-net orb that the other witches have.

Giving Akko the role of gathering supplies for the ship somewhat ties in with the recent episode about the green moss, so we know she’s up to the task. That’s pretty cool.

Wait, if normal people can’t see the ghosts or the game, why is it a problem that they’re here? Just unnecessary risk?

Why even worry about the people at the ghost hunt? This scene isn’t exactly subtle for the witches.

I have no problem with this.

Where have I seen this before?

I’ve been waiting for this from the beginning. Constanze has always been the techie of the cast and it makes sense that she had the knowledge to provide Akko with a way to get past her magical inability. She even showcased a tricked-out broom in an earlier episode, so it’s nice to see that Akko finally gets a broom she can use.

Little Witch Academia Episode 17: Burn the witch

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Well, this was a bit of a random side quest. I guess it’s nice to see an episode that isn’t completely focused on Akko, but I would have liked to see more of Amanda’s motivations…unless she’s meant to be a complete agent of chaos or something. Heck, I would have settled for seeing more on why the Appleton boys got so up in arms about executing the witches. That was some legitimate disdain.

Is Akko playing the straight man? I’m not ready for this.

Give me a break. If the Words always come in order, I don’t understand why Ursula waits until each one makes itself relevant before telling Akko what it is. Plus, she was so coy about the last Word, but has no with giving Akko this one.

Also, a note on the conversation with Croix. Croix mentions that finding the seven Words might help Akko find Chariot and Akko decides that she must therefore go to Appleton. How the heck does that make sense?

A place that hates witches and features only male students so far? Let me guess. Andrew?

I’m just surprised Amanda is so willing to show Akko to this guy.

Why do I feel like Andrew and Akko have the exact same conversation every time they meet?

Also, how exactly does Akko hope to find the Word? Is she just looking for the Holy Grail? How does she know it will help? Because she’s the protagonist and the plot demands it?

Is there any particular reason for the pointy hats?

Ohh, I get it now. Disregard my previous question. Witch trials, got it.

Yup, sure…duel on a narrow bridge. That’s definitely how disputes get resolved in this school.

This is a good point, Amanda. The Grail is clearly the property of Appleton, but they treat it like it belongs to the witches. Seriously, does anyone know what it does?

Boy, that bridge is sturdy.

I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m convinced. Those blocks have to belong to Croix. I’m guessing the Grail is pretty mundane on its own?

Since when? She didn’t get the Word, did she?

Little Witch Academia Episode 14: Green thumb

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I know that the Word of Arcturus was integrated into this episode, but it’s a pretty standard episode regardless…a single task focused around a theme. To be fair to this episode, Akko’s transition was a bit more subtle in throughout the episode, but I’m not sure I like how it ended. It seemed to suggest that while Akko was able to realize her shortcoming and activate the Word, it will ultimately have little effect on her. It makes it seem like she can just activate a Word and forget about it from that point on.

The theme of the episode is pretty simple this time with its heavy “patience” focus. Patience and tolerance are basically the same thing, right? I got thrown off because patience didn’t seem to be in a factor in Akko’s reaction to the pastry.

Hey, this is how I solve problems. I’m not sure why the Witch Google took so long to return results for a query like “words”, though. Does it wait until loading all of the results before displaying them? I expect better from you, Witch Google.

Yup, even after that explanation from Ursula last week about needing to understand the meaning of the words, Akko still tries this. Also, I wish the Words of Arcturus didn’t have an order. They seem like they’re general life lessons, so it’s a bit frustrating that they match the progression of Akko’s character.

Yes, good…let the hate flow through you.

I get the feeling these scenes are meant to demonstrate the trait that Akko is lacking that will relate to the fourth word. Based on how frustrated she’s been getting at Lotte’s house, I’m guessing it’s something like “tolerance” or “flexibility”.

Wow, that’s really specific. How many times has this happened in the past?

I’m actually with Akko on this one. Humans are part of nature, so what’s wrong with speeding up the process?

This moss works pretty fast. I feel like I should have seen this coming…

Haha this isn’t bad.

I’m surprised that Akko is the one that notices this. The past few scenes have been trying to establish that Akko is incredibly impatient, but she sits through all of these attempts at creating the yeti medicine just fine without giving up and running off with one that’s close enough. Sure, she yells at the yeti eventually, but it’s after quite a few failures.

For Akko, the moss decides to take its time because plot armor!

Oh right…this guy’s name is Nicholas. That didn’t even cross my mind.

With how specific the ingredients to this antidote were, I’m surprised the actual assembly is as simple as “throw them together and stir”.