Sakurada Reset Episode 3: The cat is both dead and alive

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Eh, I thought this episode was okay. In fact, I’m wondering how much better my opinion of the series would have been if the first two episodes hadn’t happened. Compared to the last two episodes, this episode felt less like it was being bogged down by the dialogue. Sure, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, but I don’t think I have as many complaints.

Misora’s role in conversation is something confuses me as well. I mean, I was generally bothered by Kei’s responses to Sumire’s weird questions in the previous episodes, she served the purpose of forcing Kei to explain himself much of the time. Misora on the other hand seems like pure fluff in conversations…as if she’s put there just as a distraction.

You mean like a prism? Or I guess the internet if you really want to see the bow.

What? Is this supposed to be a play on the overused request of rescuing a cat stuck in a tree? Excellent use of time travel superpowers.

So you’re telling me that the girl was able to get rushed special permission to save a cat? Is this supposed to be telling me that the girl is impossibly important or that there’s some funny business going on in the organization?

A cat expert? I’m guessing the idea is they’re going to try and find the lost cat before it’s supposed to die, but I’m not sure why they have to do that if they know the accident location. Although now that I’m saying it, Misora’s reset power gives them only one shot at saving the cat, so that’s probably to give them as large a window as possible to complete the request. Eh…I’m fine with that.

As for the random comment at the end of the call, my understanding of a MacGuffin device is that it’s an object or “thing” that exists in a story only to advance the plot, often some mystical object that the heroes must protect from evil or something. So…that means the cat is a distraction?

Alright, this is my shot in the dark with the information I have so far. Given that Nono is unfamiliar with the cat that Kei describes and she’s supposed to be an expert, I’m going to assume that the cat doesn’t exist or at the very least is supposed to be some form of misinformation. It explains the MacGuffin reference and would give a reason why the requester was eavesdropping on the conversation with Nono.


You were just saying earlier that the approval for this request was suspiciously quick, so it’s weird that this isn’t more important.

Something about how indirect this conversation is bothers me…

Nono asks Kei to tell her something to make her sleepy and he forces her to answer questions? That seems…counter-productive.

This explains a lot, Kei.

That’s a new one. It seems she was able to specify a body part and reduce gravity’s influence on it. But what all can she specify in the second bucket?

Ghost girl!

Sakurada Reset Episode 2: I’m still not sure about this

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This second episode didn’t do much to quell my worries with this series. Is Kei supposed to be a bad person in this series? I honestly think his actions in this episode are questionable, but the series doesn’t give me enough information about his motives to really make a judgment.

If I had to summarize my general impression of the episode and the series, it’s that it presents what could be interesting and discussion-worthy moral situations, but chooses not to bring up any of the actual arguments. Instead, the series continues focusing on how Misora is changing, which isn’t really what I care to see.

Part of me wants to see where things go and another part of me is really worried about committing to it. So I’ll leave this as an open question. Should I keep going?

Hmm, this could be an interesting discussion about existence depending on where the conversation goes and how the power that created Mari works. More than likely, it’s going to relate to the conversation from last week about the clone who is following the original. The important question for me is longevity. Is the clone’s existence dependent on anything, specifically the living status of the mother as an example?

This Bureau they keep mentioning is some kind of city-level authority, right? This guy’s awful calm about letting a kid boss him around. What exactly is his authority? Also, the Bureau guy states that Mari will grow up normal despite the fact that her mother is leaving the city (and therefore forgetting her power), which suggests that Mari is, for all intents and purposes, a normal human being. I can understand a mother being distraught about the loss of her child and not being able to see the clone of her dead daughter without feeling pain, but calling the clone a “fake” is just inaccurate.

I have to say I’m a little upset about this development. I don’t like the existence of this guy who can transfer Kei’s power to Misora. It makes Kei’s power feel cheaper and less useful in the story. The lack of real trust between Misora and Kei is an interesting dynamic to the relationship of their powers, the transfer power completely nullifies that. Of course, I understand that Kei contributes through his actions as a normal human. I’m just annoyed with the way his power is treated.

They really managed to bring the Three Laws of Robotics in here? They’re really shoving in our face how robotic Misora’s personality is, aren’t they? Anyway, Misora’s rules touch on something I mentioned last week. How does Misora have these rules if she doesn’t remember what happened before a reset? As far as she knows, nothing negative ever happens when she resets because no one can change anything. Her rules only make sense if she created them after meeting Kei.

And while my time travel investigations make me want to say that her resets inherently change things because they can’t possibly reset everything, we’ve already been shown that this isn’t the case with the scene where she seems Mari crying a second time and fails a reset.

Are we being real here? This isn’t even clever. I expected more from this show.

I’m sorry, dude, but I’m gonna have to ask you to back up your claim here. That’s kind of an inconsiderate thing you’re asking Mari’s mother to do.

Well, this doesn’t seem fair. Neurological studies have shown that a mother’s brain physically changes during childbirth, so reminding her of these feelings feels like cheating.

This conversation makes it feel like they’re aware of the grey area that Kei is in, but it just feels so disjointed from the events of the episode.


Come on, man!

I mean, I get that she was the one that was on the bridge in the first episode, but were we being shown something that happened in a reset timeline? Or did that happen in both timelines? It seems like the reset changed the timeline, but it also seems like…it didn’t?

I’m surprised that Sumire’s death didn’t stop Kei from using his powers. This is also a random timeskip.

Sakurada Reset First Impressions (1): That was deep?

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I admit I was interested in watching this series because it had a time travel aspect to it. That being said, I’m not sure I was really into this first episode. I think it’s still too early to judge, but the series gives the impression that it’s trying to be a “thinking” anime, but takes it to the point where you can notice as the audience that they’re trying to do this. The entire episode was just dense dialogue that didn’t feel like it had to be there. Maybe it will make sense when the series presents its point? I don’t really know yet.

This is probably meant to casually introduce our main heroine, but this description isn’t exactly specific.

Again, this is probably meant to mirror the speech pattern of his friend’s description of Misora Haruki, but who the heck talks like this?

Hard to say how I feel about this yet. It kinda depends on what triggered the reset…because it looks like it was triggered by a crying child. Also, I get the sense that Misora and Kei don’t really know each other, but the events of the episode seem to be giving me mixed messages.

Okay, same thing I said with Little Witch Academia. In what universe are powers that defy the laws of physics useless?

Ahh crap. I don’t even know how to approach this one. I still don’t know if this “reset” is actually any different than rewinding time, but I’m pretty sure this is explicitly stated just so Kei’s power is allowed to work. The argument is that she doesn’t undo events, which is why Kei is allowed to remember them (since they still technically happened). But I would make this argument: if an action (or “cause”?) doesn’t have an effect on the world, did it actually happen? But I’ll leave this to people who know more physics than I do.

And with this explanation of Misora’s powers, I will concede that this power is actually useless unless Kei exists (or there are other loopholes to the ability that haven’t been explained). But I think the more important question is this: if Misora has no memory of events that occur after a reset, how does she know she has the power at all? There should be no hints of its existence.

Okay, this isn’t bad. Misora hits on a good point, the fact that she can only benefit from this relationship with Kei if she can trust him…and she doesn’t have a reason to do so yet.

Double entendre?

I’m not sure if this statement is supposed to be addressing the “there is no true altruism” idea, but I disagree with it at face value. It might also be attempting to make a statement about agency…something to the effect of “you can’t commit evil if you’re following someone else”. But I disagree with this idea too because I would argue that “not committing evil” is not equivalent to “doing good”. If you have no agency, you’re also not responsible for good acts.

Come again?

Uhh, so I’m getting that Misora found everything sad (and therefore meaningless?) and so decided to create a set of rules with which she makes her decisions? So she’s an automaton?

Given Mari’s insistence that she’s a fake, I’m not sure how jarring this is supposed to be.

This, on the other hand…what the crap happened here?