Sankarea Episode 4

Alright, now that Rea has become a zombie, the show sorta moves on. Her parents have formed a united front against Chihiro and Wanko has become suspicious. Plenty of fanservice this week in the form of naked Rea as well as amusing antics from the crazy grandfather. And to finish things off, Rea’s body starts to feel the effects of rigor mortis (which I’ve heard about over and over again in my neuroscience classes…blah blah lack of ATP prevents the reset of actin/myosin cross-bridging). *SCIENCE ALERT*

So, I initially came to the rather obvious conclusion that eating the hydrangea leaves will help with “normalizing” the effects of the zombie process. However, if we look at the preview, Rea is still donning only a towel and seems to be moving fairly normally. Not sure if Chihiro finds a temporary fix or just manages to get some hydrangea (were there some by his house? can’t remember). Also, it looks like Wanko will discover Rea next week as well…should up the drama factor a bit. Chihiro seems to be enjoying his fetish-come-true for now, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Sankarea Episode 3

So this week’s episode finishes up the setup for the show. Rea finally confronts her father, but she dies falling off a cliff, only to be reborn by the potion she drank. This is where the weird starts…Hopefully Chihiro can control his fetish. Animation in this show is definitely…different. Way to go Rea…you wanted a normal life, and you became a zombie. I guess the show just goes into straight comedy mode from here. Chihiro hiding Rea from other people and letting her lead a more free life. Wanko gets some more screen time this week too…although it was mostly just to get her stuck in a tunnel. She knows that Chihiro brought Babu back to life, so I’m guessing she might be included in the secret of Rea and whatnot.

As long as they don’t overplay the zombie thing, I think I can manage…that’s still my least favorite part of the show. Guess we saw a bit of Rea’s mom too. Her personality was a bit more boring than I had thought…the whole deal about yelling at Rea about the family’s image. Kind of a boring rich family woman type of attitude. But maybe there’s more to it. Sure hope so. Next week looks like it should get interesting…a buildup to a kiss which I assume will be interrupted. Wonder what’s up with that scene with the younger sister from the preview? O.o

Sankarea Episode 2

So this week’s episode is a closer look into Rea’s life. We see that her father is just a little bit excessively obsessive when it comes to Rea, to the point of manipulating her life to keep her from getting close to any person or animal. It explains why someone like Rea would even remotely be interested in Chihiro. Normally, you might ask why Chihiro’s so special, but it’s obvious with Rea. She’s never been allowed to have a true friend, so meeting this person that she can secretly befriend would be a gold mine for her. That is, of course, until her father finds out.

Although she drinks the poisoned potion, I doubt it will kill her judging by the preview. It looks like next week, she’ll have another confrontation with her father which will likely turn violent and result in her death and subsequent rebirth. Honestly, I think this show is good…I want to like the show, but I just can’t get over Chihiro’s crazy zombie fetish. It’s the one dent in what I would otherwise call an enjoyable show. Maybe I’ll get used to it…we’ll have to see. Also, I was surprised Chihiro didn’t shout “It’s alive!!” when Babu came back…seems like a pretty standard reaction to bringing something to life.

Sankarea Episode 1

I’m still kinda on the fence about blogging this show. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be good, but I just can’t buy into the premise. Let me explain. Basically, Furuya Chihiro is a dude that really likes zombies for some reason (probably something he developed when his mom died). When his cat Babu dies, he decides to try and create some ancient potion to resurrect it. While he’s testing, he meets the super popular Sanka Rea, who actually hates her life and wishes she could be reborn.

The biggest problem I have is when Chihiro says that he only wants a zombie girl. What kind of messed up show has a main character that wants so much to get freaky with a zombie girl? I think the problem just comes from the fact that I’ve never been a huge fan of zombies. Yeah yeah…zombie apocalypse movies are thrilling and whatnot, but I was never that into them. Either way, I haven’t seen anything yet to make me super interested in this show.

We got the super popular girl who seems unreachable thrown into a scenario with the guy that everyone would probably think is creepy. We even Saouji Ranko, the cousin, taking the role of the childhood friend who has feelings for Chihiro. That being said, Chihiro did have some moments that almost made me think of Araragi Koyomi. Still, I’m willing to give this a shot. As for the music, I wasn’t too impressed with the opening theme. I think that nano.RIPE did a much better job in Hanasaku Iroha than this…but then again, that song took a few listens for me to like, so we’ll see. The ending sounded nice…it’s lighter than the stuff I’d normally listen to, though, so I probably wouldn’t invest too much into it. It was still a good song, though. Next week looks to be an insight into Rea’s home life, so it should be interesting.