Goblin Slayer: Influence of adaptation on events in the light novel

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Spoilers for Goblin Slayer

I know I said I’d do series reviews, but I couldn’t help myself with this topic. While I was on vacation for the winter holidays, I had a lot of time for reading light novels. With that extra time, I ended up reading the Goblin Slayer light novel up to the point where the anime ends. While it’s still uncertain whether we’re getting a second season, I did notice that the order of events in the light novel noticeably differed from what we saw in the anime. Obviously, this post will have spoilers about those events.

Goblin Slayer faces off against a goblin lord

The anime ended with the dramatic fight against goblin lord attacking Goblin Slayer’s home village. However, the light novel has this entire encounter in the first volume, before the group goes to the Water City and meets the Sword Maiden. This has an interesting consequence. As you may recall, there’s a specific scene in the Water City arc in which Priestess and Goblin Slayer wake up together in the same bed. At the time, I remember questioning why Priestess doesn’t bring up the fact that Goblin Slayer is not wearing his helmet, as it’s the first time we’ve seen that in the anime.

Goblin Slayer is revived by Priestess

In the light novel, this behavior makes sense, since Goblin Slayer reveals his face to her as a reward for defeating the goblin lord. So, Priestess has already seen his face by the time they sleep together. But that’s really just a minor gripe, as the anime explains this away by having Priestess say she didn’t see Goblin Slayer’s face clearly at the time.

High Elf sneaks

What’s more interesting is that the anime chooses to end on that fight in the first place. As opposed to the events of the Water City arc, the attack on the farm is personal, and it’s a battle Goblin Slayer acknowledges is impossible to win alone. As a result, the stakes for the fight become a lot higher, since it’s not just Goblin Slayer’s survival that’s in question. What better way to end a series?

Goblin Slayer is a weirdo

Additionally, the fight forces him to call upon the aid of every adventurer he has met up to that point despite his reputation as a largely unsociable guy. That means the fight is building upon the interactions we’ve seen throughout the entire series, making it a fitting conclusion. Sure, it’s probably just a result of the adaptation benefiting from hindsight. The fight serves pretty much the same purpose as the finale for the light novel, but it’s missing the time aspect, time to show how other adventurers see Goblin Slayer.

That's not a goblin

I think the events work either way, but I personally think it’s fun to see how the anime takes advantage of its season constraints to construct a slightly different, but ultimately appropriate, story experience. I’ve always been really bad at seeing the specific ways an anime adaptation builds upon its source material, and I think this might be a clear example to help me out. It’s something to think about, right?


Random Impressions: Goblin Slayer Episode 9 – The brave adventurers

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Discovering the secret entrance of the goblins

I’m still not entirely sure I understand the Sword Maiden’s role in this story, but I’m having a surprising amount of fun with the D&D references in this series. The more cheeky ones are nice to see, such as introducing the flying eyeball with with the line “behold” (look up what a beholder is). There are definitely some that feel more like a stretch, but it’s all good fun. I know that people are suffering in the background, but I’m supposed to be role playing as a form of escapism, right?

Trying to pry away the mirror to the goblin home world

This mirror is an example of a reference I think might be a stretch. Given that the mirror is a portal to the goblin home world, it’s presumably a portal to the “green moon”, or GM. Behind the mirror is every goblin that is entering the world to wreak havoc, so would that make the mirror a GM screen?

Goblin Slayer sticks to the plan

I really liked this scene. High Elf comments that Goblin Slayer’s plan seemed convenient given the location of the battle, and Goblin Slayer simply responds with “yeah, that’s because I plan based on my surroundings, genius”.

Sword Maiden gets rejected

It definitely took a bit of research before I could understand that remnants of the Demon army sent goblins to terrorize the Sword Maiden, forcing her to ask Goblin Slayer for help to avoid revealing her fear of goblins to other adventurers. But I think the important takeaway is that she’s not getting together with Goblin Slayer?

Everyone travels together now

The ending of this episode felt incredibly reminiscent of the typical D&D opening. The DM always comes up with some shoddy reason to shove the players together on the same mission, and the mission ends with everyone saying “I guess we’re a team now”.

Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 5: Goblin Slayer, Ulysses

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I’m watching too many shows this season. So, I have quite a lot of impressions to get through. I wonder how many shows are going to make it into the grab bag rotation.

Goblin Slayer First Impressions (1-4)

Hey, I heard people were talking about this show. I’m not really a big fan of super gory shows. I mostly like watching this show because I’ve played a decent amount of D&D and this show plays out like a pretty standard campaign. I can envision that one player who creates a character with a single defining trait and then goes to great lengths to make that character trait relevant in every exchange. Enter Goblin Slayer, the guy who’s obsessed with goblins and will bring up goblins in basically any way he can.

At the end of the day, I’m a sucker for the D&D references in this series. The character jobs are all familiar, and I like the constant references to dice. It’s also fun to see how Goblin Slayer in particular comes up with crazy ways to use his limited abilities to fight goblins. It’s the equivalent of one player asking if they can try something, and seeing what happens when the DM replies with “only one way to find out”.

Oh, the joy of spell slots. Better enjoy that short rest, right?

This is that awkward moment when you realize that Fireball has a 20-foot radius. Huh…I never thought about how ridiculous that is.

To be honest, I really like to see shots like this with Goblin Slayer’s phantom red eye. They’re…pretty cool?

Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi First Impressions (1-4)

I’m really not sure about this show. I have no problem with re-imagining every supposed saint in history as an immortal Ulysses powered by a Philosopher’s Stone. Shifting the perspective of history is something I like to see in a show. My main issue is that the characters in the show have a weirdly childish side to them. The main character, Montmorency, has an excuse, as he literally spent seven years interacting with no one. But I really don’t understand why every other character seems to have an obsessive reliance on Montmorency when they’re all either stronger or more influential than he is.

As a general impression, this show moves quickly. Honestly, I think it moves too quickly for its own good, leaving certain things in the dust. For example, a large part of the series revolves around the fact that Montmorency disappears for seven years because he becomes so obsessed with creating the elixir he needs to tolerate the Philosopher’s Stone. How does one completely lose track for that long? Who cares? I’d be less upset with not knowing why if it wasn’t such a sticking point for every other character.

But hey…Astaroth is a pretty nice character, right?

Speaking of pacing, everyone is basically back together by episode four. Richemont’s capture ends up feeling like a cheap catalyst, since she’s back by the time Montmorency becomes active again.

Sure, why not?

The wonders of elixir. It evaporates immediately on contact with air, but it can apparently survive in your body for…as long as you want? It’s not like the stomach shares the same entryway as the lungs or anything.

Dungeon ni Deai no Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka First Impressions (1): Long names are all the rage, right?

[HorribleSubs] DanMachi - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.22_[2015.04.04_07.53.09]

Like I said in the preview post, I was proofreader for the manga form of this show, so I have little choice but to check out the anime. It’s a pretty simple premise, set in a world that is pretty much modeled off of an MMORPG (as opposed to an actual MMORPG like many of the “trapped in game” series). Bell Cranel, the main character, is a newbie adventurer with pretty much the perfect harem skill, his stats grow faster when he has strong feelings towards someone. I’m not a huge fan of the skill, but I do like how the series tries to incorporate many of these RPG elements into a “normal” lifestyle.

[HorribleSubs] DanMachi - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.03_[2015.04.04_08.08.55]

One issue I had with the manga was that Bell’s default state was pretty much just “training in the dungeon”…meanwhile, all sorts of things are happening with the other characters. Maybe I just didn’t get far enough into the story, so we’ll see how the anime goes. Music-wise, I’m not sure whether the song at the end was supposed to be the ending song or the opening song, but I would classify it as “only okay”. Maybe it was the vocals, but I just can’t imagine myself listening to that over and over. If I remember the story from the manga correctly, next week’s episode should have to do with a monster escaping into the city? I think that’s what the title Monster Festival refers to…