Ro-Kyu-Bu Final Episode

Sigh…the end of loli basketball. Anyways, if you remember from last week, the girls were starting to make their comeback in the big game. In this week’s episode, they start off by tying the score. They manage to gain the momentum with an epic reverse shot from Hinata. However, Manaka scolds Miyu for taking the girls so lightly, and she starts to play more seriously. She makes a shot despite having a height disadvantage on Tomoka, showing off her ability to compensate for her height. However, Tomoka then turns around and does the same thing (Miyu had a higher jump), having practiced with Subaru so much that she can also compensate for her height. Eventually, everyone’s stamina starts to run low, but then we see some scenes of each of them remembering what basketball means to them and they manage to hold on. However, Saki misses the final shot, and unfortunately, the girls lose. At first, Saki blames herself for the loss, but Maho manages to convince her otherwise. The other team is also affected by the game, because of the whole playing for fun thing (yeah…kinda cheesy). The girls think that Subaru is a bit down at their morning practice, so they try to cheer him up, but he assures them that he wasn’t depressed, just deep in thought thinking about their future and whatnot. The series ends with scenes of Subaru hanging out with each girl individually leading to a dinner with all of the main characters together. Well, it’s been a good run. Now I have even more stuff I have to right real reviews for.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 11

Alright, if you remember from last week, Maho ran out of the gym when she found out that they can’t compete in tournaments because they didn’t have enough members and more importantly, because she found out that Tomoka and Subaru knew this. The other girls decide to let Maho be alone and continue with the practice. After playing a bit with the other team, Saki runs off to find Maho. Saki berates Maho for her attitude, and the two end up having a duel to see who is better. The other girls end up joining in as well. In the end, everyone has a good time and all are forgiven. With that done, everyone starts getting prepared for the upcoming match (with a lovely sauna scene with Subaru and Aoi courtesy of Manaka). After a nice touching scene between Aoi and Subaru the next morning, Aoi joins in with the coaching of the girls (about time). Finally the day of the big game arrives. Things start off rough, with the other team scoring an easy first shot. Maho starts getting frustrated about the other team’s captain, and loses focus. Subaru changes Saki to point guard and the girls start to make a comeback due to Saki’s analytical skills. Alright, I think we all know what’s gonna happen next episode (pretty sure it’s the last one).

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 5

Why is it that a loli looks even cuter in chibi form? Anyways, this episode, the girls start a training camp with Subaru for the class basketball tournament. However, Takenaka is also in the same class as the girls, so he would be on their team. The girls tell Subaru that Takenaka decided to play soccer instead. However, Takenaka shows up at their training camp, revealing that Mihoshi “accidentally” signed him up for basketball. Even though he is on their team, Takenaka refuses to practice with the girls (of course) because he does not want to play on the same team as Maho. Subaru tries to figure out what’s going on between the two, and recruits Tomoka to help him come up with ways to get them to make up (much to Tomoka’s embarrassment). All of their attempts fail, so Subaru decides to talk with Takenaka alone. Takenaka explains that in all his years knowing Maho, she has always been able to learn new things quickly. Whenever he tried to become as good at her at something, she would just become bored with it. He resents her taking up basketball because he doesn’t want her to get bored with it the way she does with most things. However, as the two get back, they notice that Maho has been secretly training by herself at night. I’m kind of curious about how Takenaka’s gonna work on the team with the girls. Also, Saki’s reaction to Subaru’s secret meetings with Tomoka was just priceless.