Rewrite Final Episode (24): Doing some math

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Another series down. While this second season certainly had its own flaws, it was definitely a huge step up from the first season. I still think the message of “the Earth is doomed, so we must live on elsewhere” is a bit extreme, but I guess it’s not a bad message overall. I wish the “fond memories” part of the show had been explained better. So I think the big takeaway from this series is…uhh, please spare me, VN veterans?

Side note: Man, I really hope I didn’t mess up the math below.

Wait…is he referring to the Moon Kagari here? Is she the true heroine?

Time to be friends again?

Yeah, the giant dinosaur talks. No big deal.

You know Kotarou’s serious now because his sword grew.

Aww man…that girl had a name. Why did she have to die? It’s too…sad?

Also, Kotarou goes straight from standing next to Sakura to talking with Akane with no transition. Does he just not care what happens with Sakura now that the song is over?

Bad end.

So killing the planet was the plan all along?

Hmm…I sure wonder who this tree might be.

This butler’s so important that he got a theme song. He must be one he- *cut off before making a bad Black Butler reference*

Alright, I have to test this.

By my research, the Earth is about 240k miles from the Moon and 2.8 billion miles from the furthest planet in the Solar System. If five people get you to the Moon, then it would take about 2400 people to get you to the furthest planet. Kotarou asks for tens of thousands of people, so let’s cap the estimation at 100k people. That comes out to about 40 times the distance from the Earth to the furthest planet as the total distance that can be traversed. This should get you to right about the beginning of the Oort Cloud, which is supposed to be surrounding our solar system. So I’d say the math checks out?

Because Kagari and Kotarou saw that news segment about exoplanets that one time?

Earth Kagari is not important. This is what really matters!

Also, the reaction from the other girls was hilarious.

Overall Score: 6/10 (7/10 for this season alone)


Rewrite Episode 23: The killing machine

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The series still feels like missing information, but it seems to be building to an interesting end. I’m not sure if we’ll see some kind of explanation in the final episode to clear things up, but I’m not sure I can stand behind this new version of Kotarou. He had a lot of moments that seemed smart in this episode and a lot of other moments in the episode that just felt lucky.

I guess the pink one is not for sale.

Interesting that Kagari seems to be listening to what Koutarou said about not killing the monsters despite being upset with him. He’s also killing the summoners, so the attention is being drawn to her anyway.

I love it when a plan comes togeth- oh crap, it failed.

I’ve heard it mentioned before that Guardian was set up better in the visual novel as having their own issues which make them an equally questionable organization to Gaia. However, there’s no similar background in the anime, so this looks like Kotarou mercilessly killing a guy just because he’s a threat to Kagari. Who knows? Maybe he’s just that desperate to save Kagari.

Oh…I guess that guy’s dead now. Moving on?

This just got really Interstellar for some reason. Also, am I supposed to get the sense that Kagari is broken right now? She’s supposed to be a personification of Earth, right? Why would she advocate leaving Earth behind? Or maybe this is her subtle way of saying “get out of my house, humans”.

This explains a lot.

Also, another cameo, I presume?

There’s a different angle that shows the full stack of hands in a second, but from this angle, it looks like Kotarou is having a private comrade moment with his loli heroines while the other two are doing something else above them. Also, Shizuru’s hand is larger than Lucia’s…for some reason.

Hmm…is Kotarou purposely throwing away his connections because he’s planning to sacrifice himself for Kagari or did his Rewrites in this episode cause him to lose a bit of his humanity? Hard to say with this scene, but poor Kotori, I guess.

This is kind of a mediocre battle scene…

Aww…I guess Esaka is just dead now?

Rewrite Episode 22: Solving the world’s problems with tanks

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I’m intrigued by this episode, but also uncertain. On the one hand, it introduces the limits of Kotarou’s devotion to the mission. He doesn’t have grand delusions of saving the world and therefore inevitably runs into issues when he’s confront with pressing moral decisions. On the other hand, he’s kinda screwing the world over…a little bit. And I certainly wasn’t expecting a confession in this episode.

Meeting the big bad?

Maybe I’m just being crazy, but what’s that stuff in the bottom right? It looks like it’s a real photo that got pasted in the anime world for some reason.

Also, 3 guesses who this monster is…

Haha that was a good one. The pity headpat from Kotarou makes it even better.

Given that Kagari is being really impatient about taking down Guardian and Gaia, I’m questioning the roles for the loli heroines in this series. Are they just here as cameos or do they have purposes? I can see Kotori and Akane having roles in the story, but I’m not so sure with the others.

If Kotarou had a recording of the interview with Kashima Sakura, why did he consider resisting when accused by Suzaki? Was it just because the full tape was too damning and he didn’t think he could get away with just playing an excerpt? I would have preferred to see a little more of a mixed reaction from Suzaki when listening to the tape rather than just switching to trusting Kotarou completely.

Well, that’s one way to go about it. I’m actually a bit skeptical about these magic words, but maybe that’s just me.

Finally figuring this out, Kotarou?

We call that “hyperbolic discounting”.

Ugh…did we really have to use this wording for the translation? Is this closer to the Japanese version? Because it seems like we could have very easily said “Suzaki already has the other executives on his side” or “in his pocket” rather than evoking the brief image of Suzaki literally in bed with each of these executives.

Well, that plan failed spectacularly.

Oh…okay then. That escalated (and de-escalated?) quickly.


Rewrite Episode 21: Super agent

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Overall, I have fewer complaints with this episode than the previous one. Setting up Kotarou to be the double agent within Guardian and Gaia sounds like it’s going to be fun. And I like this version of Kotarou who seems to know what he’s doing. That being said, the one issue I have with what was introduced in this episode is this concept of re-evolution. What exactly is humanity depleting that would prevent new life from evolving if humanity were annihilated? Sure, the annihilation of humanity isn’t in our best interest, but I don’t see why life on Earth as a whole would be ruined.

I can tell whether this is a misconception on the younger Kotarou’s intentions (in which case, it’s hilarious) or some incorporation of the information from the Moon Kagari.

So, make Kagari happy or the world is destroyed forever? Kagari is surprisingly needy.

Some things never change.

Haha I can’t stop laughing at this one.

Oh hey…I guess we’re now fighting against both Guardian and Gaia.

Human souls are corrupted by default? Where have I heard this before?

Also, Kotarou mentions that his personality made him perfect for infiltrating Gaia, which begs the question of why he didn’t originally join them. Was it just because he was upset with his parents?

Aww…Kotarou has a new pet rock.


Kagari goes from insulting Kotarou to listening to him pretty quickly.

Oh hey…it’s Kotari again.

Yelling this at a middle school student…real smart, Kotarou.

Good job, dude.

Rewrite Episode 20: Finally some Rewrite

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Okay, I expected the desert warfare section of this story to go on a bit longer than a single episode. It’s kind of a shame because we don’t really get all too much time to feel bad for Luis…he’s a solid bro, though, to be fair. But I think the more important “loss” here is the fact that we don’t really get much time to feel bad for Kotarou either. It’s clear that his experience on the front lines was meant to foster his suspicions about Guardian and paint them in a different light, but I don’t think we see enough of that. Sure, his superior beats on him a little, but it’s hardly enough to let the elitist nature of the organization sink in. Anyway, that’s all I got for this one.

Nice shot, Bondo. Guess we’re right back where we started with this arc.

I think there’s supposed to be an inherent irony that someone like Kotarou, with control over his own blood, would be disturbed to his first kill (or first blood?). However, that’s something that would be applicable to him even without his power, so it feels a bit generic.

Americans. Am I right?

I was expecting rainbows…for no reason.

Look, Kotarou. I understand that all of your heroines are still kids right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to flirt with every loli girl you meet!

Okay, I was about to go off on Yasmin, but I’m pretty sure this broken translation is done on purpose. I guess she’s learning Japanese with Kotarou.

Well, this is suspicious. Let me guess. This monster is related to Yasmin or one of the kids somehow. There’s no one else who would spare Kotarou at this point.

Not the children!!

I thought this guy was dead.

Don’t do that, man. Everyone knows that’s how you get yourself killed.

Rewrite for the kids!

Oh, I see now. These are the Gaia summoners from the other routes. The blond kid’s the crazy guy with the fire. That took me longer than it should have to figure out.