Noragami Aragoto Episode 8: Main boss appears?

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This week’s episode seems to reveal a lot of things while leaving a few more questions. For starters, the scene where Ebisu receives a report from some unseen figure combined with the comment Bishamon makes about Ebisu reincarnating often suggests that he’s just a puppet. From that, I’m assuming the main antagonist is a god that wishes to use Ebisu to take on the corruption for him. It’s also very likely that this main boss is the man who appears at the end of this week’s episode to give Yato a job. I guess the only speculation I have is the god that came to visit Ebisu in this week’s episode…anyone else have any guesses?

It looks like next week’s episode might be another damsel in distress moment for Hiyori. Her behavior and attire in the preview makes it seem like she’s going to be brainwashed…potentially by the boy she meets in this week’s episode. Other than that, I guess Yato and Ebisu will have their first fight…we’ll see what happens.

Noragami Episode 12 (Final): Is that a proposal?

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Well, that went mostly as expected. Rabo is dead and Hiyori has her memories back. Also, Nora is still at large and remains an unresolved issue. As expected, there is more to her than the fight with Rabo. Is the “father” she referred to in the episode supposed to be another god that has a problem with Yato?

Not really what you could call an ending. So many things remain unresolved, so it’s more like it begs for another season. In all, I’d say this show was one of the better shows of the season, but that might just be because of how reminiscent of Rurouni Kenshin it is. For example, this fight against Rabo was basically the same as the battle against Jin-e in Rurouni Kenshin, but I won’t dwell too much on that. Hopefully it gets a proper ending somewhere down the line, but we’ll see.

Noragami Episode 11: More memory loss!

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You know, for a little bit, I was wondering whether Nora had used a similar memory removal on Yato to make him who he is today. But then she revealed that Hiyori’s memory loss was continuous, so there’s no chance that happened to Yato. It was a stretch anyway, because then there would have to be a reason she didn’t give him the memory back since she seems to want him to have it.

I wonder how useful Hiyori will be in the final battle. The last scene in the episode made it looked like she tagged along in her spirit form and the preview seems to confirm that. If she’s still without her memories, I can’t imagine she would be able to do all that much. You know, other than become a hostage Rabo can use to draw out Yato’s old self…

Noragami Episode 10: I guess the final battle begins

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Looks like Nora’s made her move by taking Hiyori’s memories of Yato to keep her away from him. Interesting that she’s able to control ayakashi. Based on what we saw in the episode, though, that may just be an extension of Rabo’s abilities. They seemed linked to a mask similar to the one he was wearing. This is assuming Nora didn’t originally put the mask on him, though.

Based on what Tenjin told Yato, he may initially accept Hiyori’s condition as okay since it may help to fix Hiyori’s half-ayakashi situation. From the preview, it doesn’t really look like that will be the case, though. Also, it looks like he’ll be initiating a fight against this Rabo next week. We’ll see how that goes. I’m more curious about what Nora’s role will end up being.

Noragami Episode 9: What a touchy-feely episode

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Isn’t it a bit early for an episode like this? All of these heartfelt apologies and such seem more appropriate for a final episode. Once it became clear what an ablution was, the episode went pretty much as expected. The one thing that was a little odd to me was Yato’s emphasis of Hiyori’s role in saving Yukine at the end of the episode. The beginnings of love? Or maybe he’s starting to think that returning her to normal wouldn’t be a great idea?

Only a few episodes remaining. There are plenty of loose ends left, like Nora’s intentions, Bishamon’s grudge, and Hiyori’s condition. Based on the ending of the episode, Nora’s probably going to be the focus for the rest of the series. I’m guessing she’s the easiest to resolve out of the three based on what we’ve seen so far.

Noragami Episode 8: Maybe Yukine will finally stop with this rebellious teenager phase…

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Looks like Yukine’s at the tipping point. I guess Yato was hoping that he would turn around on his own like the boy in this episode, but it turns out he should have told Yukine about the blight from the start. Surely this will be enough to make Yukine get over himself. He’s been pretty annoying lately.

Next week, it looks like Yukine continues turning and Daikoku and Kofuku will have to keep him contained. The way things are going, I’m curious whether he’ll become a half-ayakashi like Hiyori is. As if they needed any more reason to get along. I’m also curious how Nora will factor into all of this. I don’t expect Yukine’s troubles to last more than next episode or the episode after that. We’re getting close to an ending…so far it looks like it won’t be conclusive.

Noragami Episode 5: Now what will Yukine do?

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Well, this should make things interesting. Apparently, Yukine is wimpy enough to be afraid of the dark. Also, Yato has killed the girl that he asked him to save. That should bring some more tension into an already-tense relationship. Honestly, I was expecting Yato to say something like “if you kill the Ayakashi, the girl’s spirit is sent to heaven” or something like that. He still could, I suppose.

It looks like next week, the woman from the opening shown fighting Yato will show up…to fight Yato. There’s also an interesting scene in the preview where Yukine has a crazy expression on his face. Yato did say at the beginning that Regalia are generally created from pure spirits. So is this the start of Yukine’s corruption? This should lead into finding out why Yato killed his other Regalia, I assume.