Random Thought: Why watch a show you don’t like?

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This week’s episode of Beatless is a recap episode, so I’m left with an empty slot in my schedule. I’ve been pretty harsh with Beatless overall, which got me thinking about the topic of this post. Why keep watching a show that I don’t like?

Honestly, I don’t have a hard answer for that question. I think the easy answer is that I’m stubborn. But if you make the case that time spent on a show you don’t enjoy is just wasted, then I’m not going to say that you’re wrong. I’m just here to make my case.

The answer I usually give to this question is that I don’t feel comfortable passing judgment on a series unless I’ve seen everything it has to offer. When my brother was first getting into anime, he used the most highly rated series as his starting point. One of those series was Steins;Gate. He later told me that he almost quit the series because of how slow the beginning was. Naturally, I didn’t have the same experience, but it really got me thinking about how bad I’d feel about missing out on a series like that because I couldn’t make it through the beginning.

Referring back to the comment I made about being stubborn, I wasn’t just making a joke. My approach to seasonal anime is fairly chaotic at the beginning of the series, but I’m really reluctant to change my schedule past week 3. When I combine this mentality with the fact that I like to give shows the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, I end up with a schedule that’s basically arbitrary.

But I’ve always liked it this way. It makes me feel like I’m covering a larger variety of shows. And that’s definitely not a delusion, right?

I want to end on a bit of a tangent. I know I have a natural tendency to speak critically, so I think this is worth saying. Although, I like to point out flaws that I see in a show, the number of flaws or the way I present them shouldn’t be a clear indicator of how I feel about the show. In my eyes, liking a show is done in spite of its flaws, not done in ignorance of them. So I will call them as I see them.

That’s all for now. I hope we’re back on track after this, but I’ll be travelling internationally next week. No promises. Let me know your own thoughts on this topic, as I’m sure I have an odd opinion on it.

Filler Post 2

No real structure to this post. I’m also planning on copying this post over to the new blog to give it more stuff.


Let’s start out with Hitori no Shita: The Outcast, a series that wasn’t part of the chart I used in my Summer Preview post. Normally, I would just ignore it and move on with my life, but it actually fits my style a bit, so I guess I have to mention it. The show is based on a Chinese webcomic about people with supernatural powers. The synopsis seems to suggest a zombie-focused series, but it also makes it sound like those aren’t the main enemy…like the zombies are just a mechanic to get the main character into the plot. Or it could be a manifestation of my own hopes because I really don’t think I can handle another zombie series.

I’m not too familiar with the common themes of Chinese series, but the manhua that I have read tend to be darker and more gruesome than the Japanese series I read. I don’t know whether that’s my own personal bias or an indication of the medium as a whole. Take it as you will. I mean…the series certainly sounds like it should be interesting.

Random ReLIFE

Another announcement for this week was that the entire 13-episode run of ReLIFE is going to be released at once, rather than the typical weekly release format. I still have no idea how I’m supposed to react to this, so I’ll just do the gut reaction. I’m someone who doesn’t like feeling “behind”, so my first impression is “I’m going to watch all of the episodes within the first week after they release”. However, this makes blogging rather complicated. The current plan is to still blog ReLIFE weekly as I would a normal series, but I’m starting to think it might make more sense to cross it off the list of airing series and just release a single-post review on the series after it comes out (maybe two posts, one spoilerific and one spoiler-free?).

Free Space: Fancy Title of Fives

I plugged the new blog yesterday, so I won’t do another plug today.

Random Anime of the Week: Sakamoto desu ga?

[HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.46_[2016.06.28_09.01.04]

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this series on the blog yet, so let’s go (it also happens to be one of the few series from spring still unfinished). General thoughts on the show: It’s a fun show to watch every week. I’m not sure if I could handle much more than that. The show definitely has a lot of good moments showcasing Sakamoto’s ridiculous antics, but I often have trouble watching certain side characters. Is it weird that I find the female characters exceptionally annoying? The opening song is definitely cool too (I wish they didn’t do the description of Sakamoto at the beginning of each episode, though).

This week’s episode definitely felt awkward and weak (with a lot of time wasted looking at the girls’ pictures of Sakamoto), but I guess I can give it a pass since it seemed to be setting up the final episode. Pfft…like I’m going to believe that anything bad will actually happen to Sakamoto in the last episode, right?

Random Music of the Week

This week, my choice is the Gundam Unicorn OP, Into the Sky by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Tielle. This should be a safe choice because not too many people talk about this series. The full song was released recently and it’s a pretty cool song. It’s a lot more melodic that Sawano’s typical music, which I like a lot (not to bash on his typical music, though…that stuff’s awesome too).

Filler Post

[HorribleSubs] Flying Witch - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.43_[2016.06.26_17.03.30]

I could do the free space today, but I’ll wait until I get back home (I’ve been doing the recent few posts on the road). Plus, the other free space posts have been on Tuesday, so I might as well keep the pattern going.

First off, let’s make things official with the new blog. Judging from the dates on MyAnimeList, the new season should be starting on July 2nd (Saturday). I’ll be switching to the new blog on Thursday, June 30th in preparation for this. This gives me a couple of days to work out any bugs that might happen when switching the domain to a new server. What does this mean for you? In a perfect world, you log on to my blog on Thursday (later in the day) like you do every day and it will just look different. Let’s not talk about the worst-case scenario.

Let’s try to get something anime-related in this post. Something easy: what are you most excited for in the coming summer season? For me, the safe answers are Shokugeki no Souma S2 and ReLIFE. But let’s be fair with something I don’t already know. I guess I choose Orange…genre-wise, it seems to fit my style and the time travel aspect will keep me entertained.

Random final note: It was announced that the Iris Zero manga will be starting up again soon…I’m hyped.

Free Space: Fancy Title 4th Try

Weekly plug for the side blog (Marth’s Totally Legit Site on the sidebar). No big updates this week other than putting more stuff in the about page. I was trying to change the media links so they matched the domain of the website, but that didn’t work out so well…still needs some tweaking.

Random Anime Episode of the Week: Ace Attorney

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.24_[2016.04.14_10.21.14]

So, I covered the first two episodes of this series, but I couldn’t keep going. Since the series is separated into multi-episode arcs for each trial, it’s really hard to watch this series weekly. I feel like you lose too much information in between episodes, so I tend to let the episodes pile up and watch entire trials at once, which makes the experience more bearable. Overall, the series tends to be decently funny, but that may just be because of how ridiculous it all seems. The way the people in the court act often seems unrealistic to me. They seem to act in ways that are obviously suspicious and try to get away with it using the system. Like smugly saying “there’s no way you can prove exactly that thing happened”. Is this really what courts are like? I often find myself asking that.

I will say, though, that the recent arc centered on Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji) has been more interesting than the earlier mysteries, showing more of the character and explaining his behavior. That being said…does anyone else ever come up with other interpretations of the evidence that could be argued in the court that never get resolved in the series? Like in the recent episode, the prosecutor argues that the bullet must have gone through the victim in order to make a hole in the wall on the elevator, but then the suspect admits to pulling the bullet out of the victim (meaning the bullet couldn’t have gone through the victim). I found it weird that no one brought that up…oh well.

Random Music of the Week

This song comes from my “epic music” list. Didn’t get as much time to analyze the Yoko Kanno music as I had liked (so many songs). Still a work in progress, though! Instead, enjoy this cool song. I’m a sucker for piano melodies that move like this.

Free Space: Fancy Title Mark 2

[HorribleSubs] Flying Witch - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.09_[2016.06.04_16.32.55]

Let’s start this week’s random post with some random updates on Marth’s Totally Legit Site. Most of the updates I’ve done so far are functional changes that my life easier when I make new posts, but I found this cool new CSS template that I’m going to be adding to the site soon…I know how much you are looking forward to that!

Also, in case you’re not watching Big Order (which you’re probably not), this is still the greatest scene in anime this week.

Random Anime Episode of the Week

I was thinking of doing Sansha Sanyou this week, but I didn’t think this week’s episode was a strong episode for the series. Instead, I’ll just do a brief aside on Kuromukuro because I’ve almost given up on the series. This week’s episode gives us the conclusion for Yukina’s temper tantrum which boils down to “I didn’t say I wouldn’t go in the giant robot…I just wish you would treat me nicely when you make me do it.” Who thought this was a good idea? Granted, I’m sure that’s not Yukina’s only reason to reject piloting the giant robot, but I’m going to have side with Kennosuke on this one.

Random Music Discovery of the Week

I’m going to toss out a warning before you listen to this…be careful around 2:32. The video does a really random sound change that can be pretty loud and obnoxious. It’s something that I didn’t hear in the actual song, but I couldn’t really find much better versions on Youtube that weren’t blocked. Anyway, this is more of a plug of the band in general. I only found them because I heard they’re doing the opening song for ReLIFE and I wanted to check them out. Honestly, I think this is just solid JRock, which I feel is sometimes hard to find. Some of their other songs like “wasteland” do a really cool job of handling high tempos and I always appreciate listening to stuff like that. Definitely looking forward to what they do in the next season.

Free Space: Insert Fancy Title Here

[HorribleSubs] Flying Witch - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.30_[2016.05.25_19.23.07]

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been using this day as a free space to give myself a break from my regular style of posts. My past couple of weeks have made me question whether I should even write a post on this day, so I’m going to try and formalize this post so that it actually has some content rather than being a filler for the day.

Before I get into that, random announcement: I’ve moved my code for the new blog over to my secondary domain: http://codebecauseican.com/. This is where the site will live until I migrate this domain to it. Judging by current pacing, I’m hoping to get the migration done in the transition from spring season to summer season…assuming nothing big holds me back. Most of my remaining changes are going to be under the hood, so let me know if you have visual suggestions. In the meantime, I’ll probably be posting about the technical pieces instead of anime-related stuff on the new blog. Hopefully those are interesting.

Random Anime Episode of the Week

As you know, I watch a lot of anime that doesn’t make it on the blog. I’ll use this area to pick one of them and say some things about it. The picture I’m using this week is from Flying Witch, so I guess I have to pick that one, right? As far as I can tell, the anime has been a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga. Why do I say “as far as I can tell”? Well, I skimmed through the manga, because it gets really boring really quickly, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the details. There are a lot of good moments, but the series as a whole tends to be pretty flat. I know a lot of people use slice of life series as a way to relax or lower stress, so I’d say it works well as that. But honestly…do I look stressed to you guys? 😀

Random Music Discovery of the Week

I used to have a weekly music thread, but I ended up running out of stuff. Instead, this will likely be a short thread where I just point at some song that I thought was good or a song that’s I’ve been playing a lot in the past week.

I didn’t even mean to find this song. I found this on Otonomai (one of my music sources) because I was looking for Chinese music yesterday. The music sounds like it’s computer-generated, but that piano melody is strangely captivating for me.


I honestly don’t have anything planned for today. I have something I want to announce that will likely wait until next week because I’m not prepped yet, so yeah…does this count as an artificial cliffhanger? I’m seriously hoping that the extra effort I’ve been putting into other blog posts gives me a pass for today…

Still pissed at me? Here, listen to Kabaneri’s soundtrack and calm yourself down…or prepare for battle. Up to you.

Absolute Troll Post

I really don’t want to cover Absolute Duo. If nothing else comes out by tomorrow morning, I’ll do it…otherwise, I’m just skipping it. On an unrelated note, I’ve made some minor performance improvements on the site that I hope help. I know the images are still scaled, but I tried fixing that and it didn’t really change load speed too much when I first tested it. I’ll be testing that some more before I commit to it.

Hopefully the last filler post

I’m feeling pretty sick today and it doesn’t look like there are any new releases for me to cover today, so I’m going to make this one quick if I can. I noticed that Absolute Duo has been out, but not yet subbed. I’ll probably end up doing a first impressions post for it because of the lack of options…This time of year is way too painful for me. I feel like I’m just desperately stalling.

Getting my brother interested in anime has been going well so far. He just finished watching both FMA adaptations and is currently working on Attack on Titan. He doesn’t just take recommendations from me, though, so his choices can be a bit weird, but his final opinions tend to be similar to mine. He actually asked me whether he should watch Guilty Crown…I considered letting him watch it, but decided it might be too painful.