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[HorribleSubs] Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.56_[2016.06.11_10.37.27]

Okay, let’s start things off with the weekly plug for the side project blog: linked here. While there weren’t all too many visual updates this week, the major thing is that I tried to make the layout more responsive, so it scales better on mobile devices or smaller screens. Those of you that regularly use mobile devices or smaller screens should totally let me know if stuff looks weird. Also, the plan to replace this blog with that blog in the next anime season (summer 2016) is still on track.

Random Anime Episode of the Week: Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

I’ve seen a lot of people call this series boring and I agree it has a lot of low moments. In case you’re not familiar with the series, it essentially follows Tanaka as he tries to get through his school life exerting as little effort as possible (or, you know…just sleep). While I’m an insomniac who couldn’t sleep in class even if I really wanted to (even when jet lagged), I find the show funny because I’m very aware of how much effort I personally put into not doing things, which is often what happens to Tanaka. Those are the moments in the show that I mostly enjoy…when Tanaka successfully avoids something that would require your effort and you go “wait…how much effort did he just put into doing that?”

Random Music of the Week

If you’re not familiar with AnimeSongCollabo, they tend to have “mass” releases of covers for OP/ED songs in recent anime. This week, they released a new set of them. I don’t watch a lot of these series, so I’m not familiar with all of the songs, but there are definitely a few really good ones in here. I really liked the cover for Sakamoto’s OP because it really shows off the drum part and how intense it is. Also, the Mayoiga OP cover was a better take on the song (I’m really not a fan of the original) and the Bungou Stray Dogs OP cover was particularly well done.

Probably expect some Yoko Kanno next week. I’m planning on doing some research into her music this week.

Time for a Change

So, I promised an announcement last week and I’ve spent the past week finally implementing the last pieces of functionality that I wanted on…the new blog website! You can find it here: Insert Blog Link Here. Currently, it’s mostly a test site hosted on Heroku as a bit of “proof of concept”, but hey…it’s a start, right? I’ve shown various people different prototypes of this, but I finally decided to just publicize it so people can find the stuff wrong with it. Note that Heroku apps usually go to sleep when they’re not being accessed, so don’t freak out too much if there’s a bit of lag before initially loading the site. Heroku is not my long-term plan.

My hope is that this blog will eventually replace this one (these things cost money, you know?). As for what my motivations are…well, other than money, I’ve outlined a bit of an explanation in the first post on the blog (hint hint). Out of laziness, I’m not going to copy it here. There are a lot of improvements that still need to be made on the new site, but I’m sure that together with the power of hard work, we can hire an Asian kid to do it.



So for this week’s post, I’m going to start off with a bit of a side note. Yesterday, I got an email through the blog with a request to fill out the “Anime Research Survey for 2015” (linked here for reference). First off, I just want to say that I find it impressive that they were able to find a blog as unpopular and obscure as mine. But that fact brings me to my concern…if they found me, just how many other bloggers are they surveying? If you look at last year’s results, the online anime fans ended up representing about as many results as every other category combined. This is especially worrisome because online anime fans, at least to me, consists of a much more diverse set of people (potentially). If you want to see more why this may be a problem, look up Simpson’s Paradox and the Berkeley Gender Bias Case.


But back to anime things, I don’t have too much to say for this week. On the Ore Monogatari front, I liked how Suna’s story turned out, but I’m worried that he will now fall into obscurity in order to add more characters to the group. And on the Hibike Euphonium side, I’m guess this show will start focusing on drama with regards to audition results, which is just annoying. Having gone through band myself, I can say that I almost never saw this type of drama (and I, as a person, tend to attract drama, so that’s saying something). However, the case in my school was a bit different because we had a regular band and a competitive band. People who didn’t care as much for the competitive aspect could stay in the regular band and just “have fun”.

03/27/2011 Blog Updates and Testing

So there have been a lot of changes in the site today. This post is partly to point out that this blog has been moved to a new domain, so change your bookmarks (a site redirect is there to make things a little easier for now). Also, I just wanted to test out something else…but that’s just for me to know. Hope you guys like the changes I’m making…let me know. I’m not that hard to reach. Also, if I’ve missed something, point it out >.> I can be a little forgetful.