Dororo Episode 2: The telltale bell

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Old man meets a monster

This episode felt like it had a pretty straightforward story with a predictable twist, but it did have a certain charm to it. It’s interesting to see Hyakkimaru, in particular, expressing himself through silence. I got the sense that the episode was doing a great job of making his intentions clear without words. I almost want to say that the series would be more entertaining if the blind man from this episode didn’t stay with the main characters.

Hyakkimaru remembers the other person who stopped to help him

I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the narrator in this series. I felt like the old man covers the same information later in the episode, and I would have preferred to keep inferring from Hyakkimaru’s silence. That being said, I do like how the narrator contributes to Hyakkimaru’s background. In this scene, the narrator starts by talking about the other person didn’t pass Hyakkimaru by, and then the scene immediately shifts to show the prosthetics guy.

Dororo wonders why the villagers seem to be doing well

It’s not what the show is going for, but this episode was really weak as a mystery. It was clear what was going on in the village just from this comment alone. That being said, we as the audience implicitly trust Hyakkimaru as the protagonist, so I guess it’s fair for Dororo to question Hyakkimaru’s intentions at this point.

Blind man explains Hyakkimaru's vision

This guy is pretty convenient.

Demon taunts Hyakkimaru's existence

There’s something funny about watching the demon taunt Hyakkimaru only to die easily. That being said, I tend to get annoyed with this type of “vague pronoun” foreshadowing, and this scene is no exception.

The lord is still running into problems

Given the premise, I’m assuming that any misfortune that befalls this lord are related to the dying demons. I would have hoped for something more concrete, but I guess this works. Also, I feel very sorry for Hyakkimaru based on the ending the episode. It looks like he just regained his nerves, which is an awkward organ to get early in the game.


Dororo First Impressions (1): Spooky demon baby

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The Hall of Hell sounds friendly

Okay, I probably should have expected it, but this series seems a lot more grim than I was expecting. Perhaps it’s still too early to tell, but this introduction definitely took a harsh tone. Additionally, part of me wonders how much of this I would have understood if I hadn’t read the synopsis beforehand. But since I have, it seems that this story follows Hyakkimaru, a man on a quest to retrieve the organs that were stolen from him at birth after his father made a deal with a group of demons.

The lord sacrifices something

From what I saw in the first episode, the story seems fairly simple, but I guess it depends on how the show approaches its moral implications. Sure, the lord comes off as a jerk, but he’s technically trying to save his land. It might call into question whether it’s truly right to undo the wish later in the series. Who knows?

The statue is destroyed by the lightning

I’m not entirely sure how I was supposed to interpret this scene, but my understanding is that the child’s life is saved by this statue. I’m assuming that this leaves the lord’s wish “incomplete”, as the child now has the opportunity to retrieve what was lost.

A man approaches a doctor who specializes in prosthetics

I’m not entirely sure what this part was doing in the episode. Is it just supposed to introduce this doctor as the one who saved the main character? Is he a recurring mentor character?

Dororo steals from thieves

I’m a little bit worried about Dororo as a character. I get the feeling that I’ll find this bratty behavior annoying pretty quickly.

Gruff guy threatens a dog

How do we show that this guy deserves to die? Have him threaten to kill a puppy! Brilliant!

The main character regains his face

Honestly, I’ll be happy if the series doesn’t dwell too much on this scene. Given what we’ve seen, it shouldn’t be hard to guess that the main character regained his face after defeating one of those demons. Additionally, the lord starts to see his fortune weaken at the same time, so it makes sense.