Accel World Episode 4

So, I guess a lot happened this week, mostly in the form of two big reveals. First off, we have the confession of Kuroyukihime. There had only been hints to it before, but this week she suddenly started becoming overly jealous of Haru and Chiyu, what with the shorter cable and the reaction to his being in Chiyu’s room. So why would a confession occur so early in a series? Well, it would have to be because something throws a wrench into the relationship (in this case a car). While the confession was sweet and all (and Haru actually said what he thought instead of being a wimp), I have to pick at it. Yeah, it looks like she’s saying that she admired him as the one with the potential to reach level 10, but it also looked to me like she was saying that she liked him because she saw that he was really good at video games.

With that done, the second big reveal is Taku as Cyan Pile…naturally, that makes sense (I had a big analysis last week about why I thought that was the case). Haru looked up to him too much. That character is only there if Haru is forced to surpass him at some point, so he has to be somehow related to Brain Burst. Big reveals aside, I question the Physical Full Burst function as a whole. Why is it a big deal if a level 9 loses 99% of their points? If I remember correctly, they have to win against five level 9 players to reach level 10, so why do points even matter anymore? Especially since they lose them all if they lose one match.

So why do they save Physical Full Burst? Why not just use it whenever they want? The only thing I can think of is that accelerating the body like that would naturally put a lot of strain on it, but they never really mention this. Anyway, next week will be the fight between Taku and Haru. It will likely have a lot of explanation from Taku (how he’s not as perfect as he seems and blah blah). I like this fight for a simple reason. Haru actually has something to lose if he doesn’t win. In the earlier fights, it didn’t seem like a big deal if he lost, but now there’s actually a reason. Anyways, looking forward to it.