Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Final Episode (13): Some clever joke about rainbows

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While I feel like the resolution of this episode was “correct”, the cynic within me doesn’t feel quite satisfied with how this episode played out. Most of the “surprises” were actually set up pretty well, so it has nothing to do with that. I can’t come up with a great way to summarize, so I’ll just take the grievances individually. Maybe it’s just the general sense that the episode was trying hard to make it seem like the happy ending was impossible when it was the only one that fit the tone of the show.

This isn’t really a huge deal, but I did get the sense that they were going a little nuts with the “deep quotes” in this episode.

This point feels a bit overdone with Mitsuyoshi comparing his current situation with the tragedy in his childhood. It almost feels like he’s relearning something he should have realized in the previous episode. Also, the whole thing with Mitsuyoshi running after the invitation felt longer than it needed to be. Really building up the tension, huh?

Honestly, having Charles call off the wedding at the last minute felt fine. He generally gave me the impression that he was someone who cared for Teresa but felt pained watching her interact with Mitsuyoshi. It’s big of him to take one for her, but it’s not a huge shock. It honestly felt like one of the few clean ways we could get this ending to work, but I could never really say for sure because it was so hard to gauge the political ramifications of cancelling the wedding. The series never makes it clear.

We did it?

Where? But back on topic, I thought for sure that at least Pin-senpai and Hina would get their shot together. Oh well…

Misdirection aside, this ending feels awkward to me. Sure, Mitsuyoshi and Teresa have fought to be together, but I feel like it’s a shame that they’re the only ones who truly get an ending in this episode. Charles and Alec seem to have a moment in the end, but they feel even less deserving of that. It would cheapen the gesture Charles made if he quickly shifted his affection toward Alec.

Final Score: 6/10 This show ended up being pretty straightforward. It was cute in a lot of places, but I don’t think it did anything particularly special. I don’t really see myself remembering it down the line.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 12: Bad end?

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Well, that episode was kind of depressing. I think my main complaint with this episode was that it felt too much like it was trying to catch up. Many of the conversations in this episode cover aspects that have been made very clear to the audience, and it feels like the show slows down to make sure all of the characters are up to speed. It makes sense logically, but it’s not really fun to watch, especially when it’s a pretty sad experience.

I mean, I get that this scene is here for the sake of comedy, but how important is it that Kaoru finds this out? Maybe it’s meant to justify Kaoru finding Mitsuyoshi at the end of the episode. He goes to the palace to investigate this picture or something.

I had so much hope for that bracelet when Charles first brought attention to it. It seems like such a small thing now. It establishes the relationship between him and Teresa, but it doesn’t do much else.

This scene kind of illustrates what I was saying in the opening. The fact that time has to be spent here to have Charles react to Mitsuyoshi feels like taking a step back.

How do we make this revelation more shocking? Flashbacks!

Doesn’t Mitsuyoshi look pretty sad in the photo he shows Teresa?

I made a joke about the Alec flashback, but this flashback was worse in my mind. I didn’t get the sense that these scenes truly related to Mitsuyoshi’s realization that Teresa was always talking about her royal legacy.

We’re right up to the final episode…and I don’t buy it. The bittersweet ending just doesn’t make sense in this series. I acknowledge that it could be done, but it doesn’t fit the tone of the series. Additionally, Teresa hasn’t done enough throughout the series to make me believe her determination. She has insisted that she would fulfill her role, but words only go so far.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 11: The decision is made

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I think this week’s episode was pretty good, but I still can’t get over my initial trouble getting a feel for Mitsuyoshi as a character. I guess the episode centered around how he came to terms with his feelings for Teresa in order to motivate himself, but the very nature of his personality made it difficult to understand where he started in relation to where he ended up. Also, many of the events in the episode seemed pretty clear (especially the thing about the photo being submitted to the contest).

Well done, Kaoru support.

This line from Mitsuyoshi was actually pretty sad to hear.

Using the older couple to give the message about expressing your feelings was pretty nice. I find it a bit hard to believe that the old man hadn’t expressed his feelings before, but it still works. I would have expected something more along the lines of saying he hadn’t said it in a long time.

I liked the use of the old video to trigger Mitsuyoshi’s realization. It was a nice throwback to a really good episode.

The line about going to see the rainbow after clearing the rain in Mitsuyoshi’s heart felt like a good one. Anyway, I could see this story going either way when it comes to a happy or bittersweet ending, so I don’t really know what to expect. I’m actually kinda cheering for the happy ending.

What are you doing there, Kaoru? That’s a pretty committed stalker.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 10: And so the suffering begins

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Okay, I’m going to say right off the bat that I had a blast watching this episode. I still have my criticisms for the relationship between Mitsuyoshi and Teresa, but I really loved the way the episode laid out its hints. The entire episode felt like a treasure hunt that rewarded me for paying attention.

Well, I said last week that I wanted the gruff Rainbow Shogun fan to show up in this date, and the episode really delivered. I think the scene with the policeman was a bit excessive, but I thought it was hilarious how he kept appearing in the background. I think I would have preferred if he hadn’t been so blatantly revealed. As you can see from the last screenshot, I was keeping track of him.

These conversations between Teresa and Mitsuyoshi were really great. Even though Mitsuyoshi speaks only of his fear of planes on the surface, the conversation seems to be secretly driving home this idea that Teresa and Mitsuyoshi don’t belong together by planting this idea that Mitsuyoshi would have trouble going to Teresa’s home.

The hints about Reiko seem interesting. She’s starting to seem less like a relative based on these descriptions. Maybe she’s a former friend of the grandfather? It certainly sets up the grandfather’s scene in the preview where he seems to be giving some advice to a saddened Mitsuyoshi.

Also, Alec’s interaction with Kaoru worked really well. The show pretty much confirms that Teresa’s date with Mitsuyoshi is actually a last hurrah by having Alec act uncharacteristically nice. It’s the type of behavior you’d expect when you’re about to part for a long time.

I’m a bit upset about this scene where Mitsuyoshi misses Teresa’s suggestive line. It just seems unnecessary.

Okay, this is cheesy, but well played on the rainbow effect in Teresa’s eyes.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 9: And so it begins

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While this episode actually delivered a lot of scenes that I found funny, I feel like I’m starting to become disenchanted with the series. I think that devoting the episode to Mitsuyoshi being sick fell flat for me. There didn’t seem to be any sort of spin in this episode. It was pretty normal for a romance episode in which one character gets a cold.

I have to hand it to Alec. She definitely delivered on this goal.

I was kind of hoping for a bit more from the supporting cast after these scenes. There were a couple of moments when the scene shifted to Hina as she watched Mitsuyoshi helping Teresa. Those scenes really made me think that she was picking up on Teresa’s feelings because of her own unrequited love, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. She just asks whether Teresa was acting weird, which is something anyone could have noticed.

This transition from a motivational speech to a view of normal slacking was great.

Okay, that was way more text than I was expecting. It’s kind of late in the game to pull out those verbose photography explanations, isn’t it?

Seriously, I don’t understand what this conversation contributes to the situation.

Teresa’s determination sure crumbled quickly.

I guess this doesn’t really count as a cliffhanger since the preview pretty much confirms that Teresa will ask Mitsuyoshi to see the Rainbow Shogun show with her. I sure hope they show a brief glimpse of the serious guy, since an earlier scene suggested that he was going to buy tickets for the show after hearing from the old couple. That’s just good continuity if it happens.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 8: The future’s looking rough

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While I still enjoy the show and find it interesting, I thought that this week’s episode was a bit lacking. The relationships seem to be getting more established, and the show seems to be suggesting a really bittersweet ending for all of them. However, I guess I just didn’t feel anything when I was watching the big moment in the episode.

I feel kinda torn on the fortunes. I feel like they were pretty deliberately put there as negative foreshadowing. There’s no way that love fortunes in a romance show could be meaningless. So, the fact that Mitsuyoshi’s fortune spells bad luck feels pretty worrisome.

Okay, I guess this scene means that Teresa knows about Alec’s affection for Charles or soemthing.

Well, I certainly like the way Mitsuyoshi reads Teresa in this scene. As the devoted camera guy, it would make sense that he “sees” more than the other characters.

I suppose that Teresa’s reaction to Mitsuyoshi’s “deep” comment was meant to indicate that she’s falling for him. I’m totally on board with that particular aspect of this scene being important, but I guess I didn’t feel like Mitsuyoshi was saying much while I was watching the conversation. But different people respond to different things. I don’t feel like I should press it.

That certainly sounds ominous, Alec.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 6: The big case

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This show is turning into quite the interconnected set of relationships. I still quite like the way the series frames its episodes. This week’s episode had everyone focused on Nyanko Big, but it was actually a love story for Yui, albeit a sad one. I feel like this doesn’t bode well for the other love interests in this series.

This scene is a nice bit of misdirection. We know about Nyanko Big’s love quest, but the references to his “girlfriend” in this scene really made me question whether I missed the moment when Mitsuyoshi and Yui found out about her.

The small scene at the beginning of the episode seemed to suggest that Nyanko Big was with Charles, so I was about to point out the fact that Alec and Teresa were ironically moving away from him. But alas, that wasn’t the case.

I thought Yui’s (accurate) deduction here was pretty funny. Well played, Yui.

Well, good on Yui for being direct. It kinda sucked to see how it turned out for her, but I liked the way it was portrayed. While Yui’s crying in Teresa’s arms, she makes it pretty clear how her wishes differ from Kentarou’s.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 6: Introducing the nobility

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The introduction of Charles this week wasn’t as frustrating as I kinda expected it to be, but I still feel like this series pushes some weird things. I do like how it uses minor gestures to send messages, but I think Charles was suspiciously likeable.

I did like how the episode showed Alec’s personal interest in Charles. I also thought it was nice that other people, namely Kaoru, picked up on that fact. I did think that the relationship between Alec and Charles was pushed a little too hard, though. At a certain point in the episode, I was tired of seeing them together.

Hmm, the westerners seem to have no trouble figuring out who Hina is. Maybe they’re just too used to comic book superheroes with their weak secret identities.

I always like little moments like this one. When Kaoru gets attacked by Nyanko Big, there’s a very quick succession of shutter sound effects indicating that Mitsuyoshi is taking pictures of the suffering.

I’m a bit worried about this scene between Teresa and Mitsuyoshi. I guess the implication is that Teresa’s nanny is Mitsuyoshi’s grandmother or something. I’m really not a big fan of linking the two like that, because it feels like a really forced plot point. In an earlier scene, Charles touches his bracelet when Mitsuyoshi talks about his dead parents. The scene could have been an indication that Charles experienced a similar family tragedy.

However, I have a different interpretation. If Mitsuyoshi’s parents were travelling because of a relationship with Teresa’s family, it’s possible that Charles might have had a relationship with them in the past. Maybe he’s remembering the exact same tragedy.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 5: Best of friends

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As with the Nyanko Big episode, I thought that the presentation of this episode was interesting. It was setting up the main characters by showing Mitsuyoshi’s background and Teresa’s nobility problems, but the episode itself was framed around Kaoru. Kaoru’s characterization in this episode was also pretty solid, which made things more fun.

To be completely honest, I was hoping for a bit more than this. I guess it’s not really important that Mitsuyoshi’s parents die in a special way, but the “car accident” thing seems pretty standard. It’s also really cheesy that the camera with the photo taken as Mitsuyoshi’s parents are driving away is the only thing that survives the accident.

Teresa’s reaction to the ten year timing is just a coincidence, right? I’d be really annoyed if Teresa’s past was somehow related to the accident that killed Mitsuyoshi’s parents. Maybe she’s just referring to the memory we saw from Alec in that previous episode.

While the whole “arranged marriage” development is kinda generic, I think the reveal in this scene was pretty clever.

I really like the idea that Kaoru tries to support Mitsuyoshi in the one way he believes he can, rather than trying to force the kinds of things you see most people do.

Generic arranged marriage aside, did anyone else focus on the fact that Alec got completely neutralized when she tried to attack Charles?

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 3: Cat problems

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Well, I wasn’t expecting to see an episode narrated by Nyanko Big, but it was still pretty entertaining. I liked how the episode framed events around the cat naturally while also using him to introduce some background stories for the main characters.

I liked how the scene in the cafe played out. The elderly couple got introduced as regulars pretty seamlessly as part of Nyanko Big’s narration. I did get the sense that younger couple was shrugged off a bit after the 8-second thing, but I guess I can understand what they were there to accomplish.

Even when the show reaches the park, it still gives Nyanko Big a reason to be there. At the point in the story, I figured his role was done.

This unintentional insult from Hinako was pretty funny. I didn’t expect that kind of comment to come from her.

My only real concern with the episode was that I felt like it pushed the “8 second” thing a little too hard. I thought the timer was funny, but I wasn’t a fan of seeing Nyanko Big draw attention to it every time by repeating himself. In contrast, the scene with the indirect kiss between Tada and Teresa was more of what I liked to see. No big fuss is made about it, and Nyanko Big leaves with a suggestive comment to point towards the scene’s meaning.