Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai OVA: And then they kiss?


Well, I have no posts for today and I found this one lying around. This OVA’s been out for a while (don’t go searching for a new one), but I guess I kept it around for a moment like this. It’s actually kinda relevant because the second season is starting up this season. Anyway, after dancing around each other for so long…Sanae and Shinka show their feelings for each other. I guess Yuuta and Rikka are too pure for that. They only get the hand-holding. Not too much stuff really happens in this OVA, to be honest. Just more of the show for people who enjoyed it. For someone like me, all I was really curious about was the state of the cast after Yuuta and Rikka started going out.

You could hardly call anything in it a development (we knew all along that Sanae and Shinka were like that). They’ve successfully re-established the status quo for the second season that’s supposed to be coming up. Rikka’s pretty much back to normal. She’s just got more of the love feelings now. So theoretically, the second season will be a bunch of awkward love moments, but they can still make her as crazy as she was before. And theoretically, Yuuta will hit her less…right?

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1

Well, that’s one way to start everything. I’ve been waiting a while for this one…I knew it couldn’t possibly live up to the original, but I was hoping it would be a fun experience. And hey, this worked for me. Much of this first episode was an introduction. First, we have our main character Hyuuga Akito, the EU soldier working under Leila Malcal, assuming the commander role. Joining in, we have the squad of Sayama Ryou. Already we have this mystery surrounding Akito. In battle, he’s shown with glowing red eyes, indicating a possible power similar to Geass. He has also stated that he has died once before, giving him the ability to speak with the dead.

I assume Akito is linked with who seems to be our main antagonist, Xin Hyuuga Xian (the name Hyuuga is common to both, so they may be related). I wasn’t expecting Geass to make any appearance in this OVA, but it looks like it has manifested in Xin, as he displays a power identical to Lelouch (although the exact specs may be different). It makes me wonder if Akito is cursed like Suzaku with a command that draws out his power.

I have to say…the show really seems to be lacking in music. I really miss the soundtrack of the original series…most of the background music I hear is pretty lackluster in comparison. The fights look pretty cool, but the Knightmares might be a little bit too shadowed. It looks a bit strange…maybe I’m just not used to it?

So far, there really aren’t too many links to the original series in this OVA. There is mention of the Black Knights and the appearance of Geass, but nothing too nostalgic other than the way the show starts (with the cicadas, then female narrator). However, the preview for the second episode shows scenes of CC and Suzaku, which are incredibly enticing. Is CC the one that gave Xin his power? Or is there a third person with the immortal code we don’t know about? And what role do CC and Suzaku play in this show? It even looks from the preview like Malcal will be joining the battle too…

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas OVA

Well, this certainly was an interesting OVA. Basically an introduction for the video game, it’s a short episode showing off the main character Scrooge (with some appearances from our buddy Segai). Based on what I can gather, Scrooge is a test subject for the Void Genome who has escaped Da’ath and is trying to get some sort of revenge by killing Ouma Kurosu. Since we know someone else kills Kurosu, it obviously follows that Scrooge will fail.

Setting aside the obvious “Christmas Carol” references (three pursuers called ghosts of Christmas, Lost Christmas, Scrooge, and a character named Carol), what confuses me most from this little demonstration is the very nature of Scrooge’s right hand. Scrooge is shown initially to avoid touching others because he would somehow transmit the Apocalypse Virus to them (demonstrated by the GHQ soldier). Also, he could also draw Carol’s Void safely, but not the dog’s.

So, the conclusions to draw from this: first theory, maybe a Void power similar to Shu’s but causing the virus to spread if he fails (whereas Shu’s failures would just result in embarrassing boob grabs). Another possibility is that Carol is a special subject whose Void can be drawn (the dog was altered as well, so it’s possible it was just an incomplete form of Carol, explaining her attraction to it).

Or it could just be the same power, but Scrooge has no control over it, so he kills people with it. It’s an interesting thing to think about…but overall, I’d say it’s a cool OVA and it’s definitely got me interested in the game (even if visual novels aren’t my style). Where Shu was supposed to be a more average-type protagonist, Scrooge is closer to an anti-hero, which is more of the protagonist I would enjoy. And yeah…that sword is pretty awesome. Puts Inori to shame.

Rurouni Kenshin New Kyoto Arc Part 1

So I think this OVA is supposed to be a remake of the Shishio Makoto arc in Rurouni Kenshin but from Misao’s perspective. It was very nice to see Kenshin back in action again, especially in high definition. Still, the OVA was a bit lacking for the show. Because of the amount of information that they’re trying to condense, a lot of stuff is cut out. As a result, the story changes a lot of things. Some stuff is just minor reordering of the timeline, but other things become completely different, such as Usui’s death.

Also, the show loses a lot of its shounen aspects, such as calling out names for attacks and the big battles scenes. The battles are fairly short, and the movements feel a bit sped up to finish them quickly. While this sort of captures the essence of Kenshin’s style, it really takes away from the impact of the show. They also take out much of the comedy from the original show, notably taking out Kenshin’s signature “Oro.” While I understand that they probably didn’t have the time for the random comedy scenes, it just doesn’t feel like the same show anymore.

The music in the show is all familiar, and sounds pretty good…although some tracks sound a bit different. But I like that sort of freshness in the sound. Another thing that I liked is that even though the show is meant to be done in Misao’s perspective, they don’t make it super obvious by focusing only on her. The focus is there, but it isn’t excessive. It was nice to watch as someone who loved the original show and wanted maybe a bit more, but I’d say it isn’t the most impressive thing in the world. Unfortunately, I believe the next part of the OVA won’t come out until August, so there’s a lot of waiting. What were your reactions to this OVA? Impressed? Disgusted? Annoyed that they put in a sex scene? The show needs more Saito Hajime…he’s a boss.