Marth’s Manga Adventures: Fluffy Edition

So, did I go a bit too far into the violence territory last week? How about something cuter for this week? You’ll forgive me for last week, right? These are the series I would read if I really don’t feel like thinking too much.



Okay, this series might not be the greatest if you’re a dog fan. If you are one…well, I don’t really know what to tell you (you could try Chokotto Hime?). But back to the main point…I’ll admit straight up-front that this series is completely fluff. There’s really nothing going on here except watching anthropomorphic cats doing…cat things. So moving on…

Houkago Play


Okay, this series is technically a romance because it follows several couples and their relationships. But for the most part, it skips the confession part and focuses more on the actual relationship. Personally, I only really like the first story (the one about the video gamer couple). The rest of them are really hard for me to read for some reason. If you find reasons why I should check out the other couples, let me know!



Okay, if the last one was “technically” a romance, then this one is “definitely” a romance. That being said, the romantic aspect of this series felt more mellow…the lack of drama made it feel less like it was driving the series forward. Anyway, the main character, Ozawa, just broke up with her boyfriend and runs into the room of a man who lives in the same building, Oyamada (she’s drunk, of course). Oyamada’s brother sends Oyamada random things (ranging from souvenirs to exotic memorabilia to condoms), and Ozawa finds herself returning to his apartment to hang out while she figures out what to do with her life. This series is actually completed, so you can read the whole thing!


We’ve reached an awkward point, so I’ll just pose the question. Do you like what I’m doing so far with manga and want to continue to see more themes? Or do you think it’s time I delved into other languages with manhwa (Korean) or manhua (Chinese)?