Dimension W Episode 4: Spooky ghosts

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When did Dimension W turn into a ghost story? Also, that whole thing about the “image log” in her memory made no sense…ghosts can magically disappear from pictures? I thought that usually that was the only place where they actually showed up in most films (you know…like when you take a picture and there’s a shadow behind you or something).

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Sigh…why does it always have to be the mystery novelist that mysteriously dies? Unless this guy accidentally built a murder mystery robot to help him with his stories, I’m calling this a cliche. This is forced irony at best.

Also, the mystery involves a robot that apparently violates protocol and murders its master…and you’re sending a robot to help investigate? Who in their right mind would authorize this?

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I’m going to go ahead right now and make the obligatory statement: “THE BUTLER DID IT!” (this guy’s close enough) Now, let’s move on with the rest of the episode…

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Oh hey! I remember her from the opening! I guess that’s all the main character introduced, right?

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This guy feels like the kind of guy who deserves this kind of beating and punch in the face. However…

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…this is not how physics works.

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What is this scene supposed to mean? That Kyouma randomly likes reading mystery novels? Or this particular novelist’s works? Because if so, that’s hilarious.

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Mira’s the only one who can see these screens, right? Because I refuse to believe that these are actually being projected by her robot body.

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While I distract you with this picture, I need to ask a question about this scene. Why would a robot need to spend so long on a page in a book? Couldn’t she just flip them continuously and take snapshots of each page?

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This looks like a flashback from Kyouma’s memory given the first image, but the body in the morgue in the second image looks female. So…Kyouma lost the woman he loved in a battle gone wrong while he was a Beast of Grendel?

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So an experiment involving a Numbers coil and this girl was the only one missing after the experiment failed? Perhaps she’s traveling around through the fourth dimension, giving the appearance of a ghost?

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And this is why you don’t bring a robot on a mission investigating a phenomenon that only seems to affect robots.

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This is theoretically possible if you think of the fourth dimension as time. If a 3D plane in the fourth dimension is a single timeline, then moving through the fourth dimension is like traveling through time.

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Aww…it wasn’t the butler…these guys are no fun.

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Why is this guy not worried about hitting the girl they want to take hostage?

I think we can all agree that the best part of this episode was the fact that they took away that silly intro segment that introduces the fourth dimension and coils.

Anyway, looks like next week will resolve this story. We’ll probably also get a more formal introduction to the capabilities of the new character (Elizabeth was her name, right?).