Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Finale


And yup…another word battle that ends with Koyomi getting brutally disfigured. Then Shinobu arrives to bail him out…where have I seen this before? Nisemonogatari perhaps? Probably because of the time constraints of a movie, Neko is far more serious, it would seem. So I guess if you watch Bake for the comedy, there probably isn’t all that much here for you, but if you watch for the incredibly verbose dialogue, then this works just fine.


That’s about it for this one, I guess…bring on the Kizumonogatari. I should be safe watching that one, right? The second season that’s advertised at the end of the movie…maybe more dangerous. I’m starting to get the feeling the light novels would be the safest option. But that aside, this works as a prequel for Bakemonogatari, but I’m hoping Kizumonogatari is better…not much more than that.